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Fight to the Finish

Trump asks Sharon about her team, and she says they were fantastic. He asks how she got along with Curtis and she hugs him and says they love him. Maria leans in for a hug too. She's so awkward. I can't stand to watch her, because she's always just following what someone else is doing trying to fit in. It's sad. Anyway, Bret says he's getting jealous now, and laughs. Trump asks if he won them over, and Sharon says, "He's going to marry one of my daughters. He's going to cook for me at Christmas. We love him." Trump asks about why she didn't like Curtis, and she says she's a bigmouth old bat who has no tolerance, and who has to apologize for her bad behavior all the time. Curtis says he loved working with them, too, and had a lot of fun with Sharon. Trump asks who was better, and he says they both brought it in their own ways: Maria worked super hard and Sharon was very resourceful.

Trump asks Richard what the judges thought of RockSolid. They thought they did rock solid, that Curtis did an excellent job in the kitchen, that he and Sharon did an excellent job leveraging celebrity status to get about $150,000 in furnishings for the apartment. They loved it, but they thought the celebrity room fell short, that it was missing the wow factor and looked like an ordinary media room. Trump asks Don about Tenacity. He says the executives loved Bret's photos and thought he was a professional photographer. They liked the room separator, the Buddha, and Cyndi's celebrity room was great. They thought, though, that there was too much going on and the suite looked more cheap than Zen. Holly actually blanches when they say this, as if she's shocked. Cyndi rolls her eyes. They didn't like the sea foam green, which Don says was "pretty aggressive for a green." I'll spare you Trump's buildup to how much they liked one apartment. RockSolid wins. Both women kiss Curtis, and Richard says he's decided to double the prize this week to make it $40,000 for Sharon's charity, which is Cedars-Sinai Hospital Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program. Trump congratulates her, and Sharon thanks Richard. RockSolid gets to leave, but somebody from Tenacity's going to be fired. After commercials.

RockSolid's up in the suite, congratulating Sharon. She says this is important for her personally because this hospital saved her life. Curtis asks if $40,000 means 40,000 colon cancer screenings and she says it does. She just wants to make people aware and be able to help them get checked out. They toast, and then turn to watch Trump fire someone. Back in the boardroom, Trump asks Holly if she's nervous, but she isn't particularly right now. Don doesn't like that answer. Trump asks Cyndi, and she says she's anxious and a little upset about everything. Trump says the executives felt strongly the other apartment was better, so he hopes she's not upset about being here wrongfully. She says no, it was something else, and she doesn't want to say but he tells her she has to fight for herself, so she does. She says that throughout this whole thing, she was schlepping and carrying furniture and doing all the grunt work. Trump asks why she didn't step up as project manager. She says she doesn't design houses, then Holly steps in and says that she isn't a designer or decorator either -- adding, weirdly since they just lost with her shit taste, "I mean, yeah, if someone shows me a fabulous Balinese bench, I'll say, 'Yeah, I like that.'" -- but that knowing who Jonathan Adler is doesn't mean she is Jonathan Adler.

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