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Fight to the Finish

Trump interrupts and says the executives really loved Cyndi's red room, and Don says she's a fashion icon, which is all a sense of style. Trump asks Holly why she, as project manager, shouldn't be fired. She says she came here to win, and he says Bret and Cyndi did that too. He tells her those are words, and that Goldberg came to win, too, and he got fired. Trump says she's a fighter, and Cyndi agrees she is, but says she's also a pain in the butt and no one can do anything but what she says. Holly says to wait a second, because when Cyndi was project manager, no one could "get a word out edgewise" [sic]. She says Cyndi was more than bossy and was disrespectful, and Bret saw it. Trump wants to hear what Bret has to say, since he missed a part of it and is under the radar. Bret wants to state the situation first, but Trump won't let him. He says Cyndi's room was the best, but "this is her rose and her thorn" (ugh!), she talks a lot and was rude to the guys working. Bret says Cyndi's fantastic, and he could hang with her every day, but she's like, "No you can't." Not anymore. Trump leaves Bret out of it, even though he hasn't given an answer yet. Trump asks Cyndi who he should fire, and she says Holly, because she's difficult. She says Holly's awesome and does everything. But she is difficult. Trump asks Holly why to fire Cyndi and she says she's difficult to direct and redirect. She says she is incredibly creative, but difficult to control.

Trump interrupts and says, "And yet she did the best room?" Holly says that's what she allowed Cyndi to do. Cyndi says, "There we go. Allowed. Allowed. That's how it's always been." Holly says that's what project manager do, "Honey." And would I ever punch someone in the face for calling me honey in an argument. Cyndi says it was that way even when she was project manager. Bret just shakes his head. Cyndi says that Holly told her to paint the room red, which Don tells her isn't a very good thing to say, tactically, giving Holly credit for the room. Cyndi says that Holly didn't say to paint the ceilings and closets. Back in the suite, Sharon says that Holly's trying to say that yes, Cyndi did a good room, but she's not a good team player. Maria says, "But she inspires so much." Trump asks Cyndi why she would say the red was Holly's idea, and Cyndi says she's honest. Trump says maybe too honest, since it's not lying not to say anything. Bret says he probably would have kept his mouth shut in that situation. Bret says that Holly had her hands full with two creative people who are hard to direct, and she didn't want to lead in the first place. She says that she stepped up when Cyndi wouldn't. But Trump says, to be fair, Cyndi did step up and did a room that was fantastic by everyone's standards. Holly says Cyndi ran everything by her, even though she had five other rooms to do. Cyndi says she helped with those rooms, too, and Holly says, "You undid stuff," which Cyndi says is bullshit. She gives examples of what she did: "This Buddha, Holly? Put some color in." Trump sends them out, while he speaks to Richard and Don. He says it's a tough decision. In the lobby, Bret says they obviously all want to stay, and they're all fighters. Which is a nice change, DARRYL STRAWBERRY.

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