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Don't Be an Ass

Not yet, I guess, because they all head back to the suite and discuss this. Clint apologizes on behalf of all men, and Liza talks about how stupid Anand is to lie when they've all been called in to the boardroom. Steuart looks super sad, and interviews that Anand's lying was the kiss of death and it's a different game without him. They wonder what's up, and Stephanie says she knows it's two against four, and that's all. She's just hoping Liza doesn't get added to their team. They line up to meet Trump in the lobby, and Trump singles Clint out again to ask about Anand, then moves Liza to Team Fortitude with Stephanie and Poppy. Liza and Stephanie hate life, but Poppy sure looks happy and smiley. Liza wonders if her role is to get rid of Stephanie. Trump begins that the fragrance industry is a huge deal, and he has Stephen Nussdorf, the head of Perfumania with him (and the Trumplets, of course: Ivanka and Don), the largest specialty retailer of celebrity fragrances. Wow, that's a lot of modifiers. Stephen explains that they have a new Kim Kardashian fragrance, so the task will be to design and construct and in-store display, which they'll then put to work in two locations. Don and Ivanka will advise. Clint and Poppy will project manage.

Fortitude. The women decide to play up sex and hotness. They think they have an advantage because they're women. Then they all look at a picture of Kim Kardashian and talk about how hot she is and how they could put a life-sized Kim in their display and let people get their pictures taken with it. Stephanie says she works well with Poppy, but she has no business experience and "Liza has no brain." Cut to a shot of Liza looking vacant. Sort of perfect editing, actually. Who'd they hire? The Amazing editors? Stephanie says she's with Dumb and Dumber. They're going with the life-sized Kim Kardashian, dangling from a large ring. They all love it, and head out to get started on the construction.

Octane heads to their location first to figure out what their location is going to be capable of. They measure stuff and come up with an idea for an acrylic-looking old vanity that you would find in a starlet's dressing room (Steuart's idea). Brandy doesn't like the idea, but she says she doesn't know what she'd do. She says she's worried because those other girls are more feminine than her. Clint thinks because she was sexily posing last week, she is not allowed to say she's not feminine now. Brandy interviews that she realizes they're not making any decisions without her sign-off, so she's sure if they lose, Steuart and Clint will blame her. They're all frazzled: "I don't know!"

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