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Meanwhile, Fortitude, who should be called Team Pink this week is in the van talking about pink and sequins and bedazzling. Okay, Liza's not part of that talk; she wants it to look expensive and fancy. But she once again says nothing, as Stephanie and Poppy talk about how much they want blinging, gaudy PINK. They meet with their construction team, and leave Liza with them to help guide the construction, while Poppy and Stephanie head out to meet with the graphic designer and go shopping. In the van, Stephanie does nothing but badmouth Poppy, and Poppy does nothing but smile. I'm not sure she's capable of not smiling actually. Stephanie says that, win or lose, she wants credit for what she did, then she tells Poppy she did everything. Poppy says that Liza does sometimes take credit for things she didn't do, so they sort out who did what so Liza can't do that in the boardroom.

Octane. Clint and Steuart meet with the contractor, and Brandy's been sent to meet with the graphic designer. Clint explains that they're already behind, so they needed both men helping the contractors build their display. He tells the construction guys they want to make a "big square donut." I have no idea what that means. Then he tells us he's pretty good at explaining construction because he knows the "verbage." They need to have acrylic something because it's going to be lit up with a bottle of perfume inside. I guess we'll understand when we see it. They get to work, and Clint says he feels as manly as you can building a perfume display. Brandy's with the graphic designer, telling him about the banner, window display, scent strips to spray perfume on, and informational postcard/brochure. Ivanka shows up to monitor Brandy. They act super excited to see each other, like they're BFFs or something. Brandy tells Ivanka it's hard to be the girl on this task, because she feels like the odd woman out. Ivanka feels her pain; probably because she's been stuck with those Trumplet brothers.

Don shows up to check in on Stephanie and Poppy, and Stephanie interviews that he's hot. Then she asks the camera folks to not put that one in: "Edit." They show Don what they're working on and flirt with him. He jokes that it must have worked out well for Stephanie to push Liza out of the group since there's no love lost there, he's noticed. Stephanie says she's not saying anything anymore, but Don's skeptical. He interviews that they're laying her out to dry if they lose. Brandy shows up at Octane's construction warehouse, and sees what they're doing. She likes it, and Clint thinks it's "insanely beautiful." Stephanie and Poppy are also happy with the work Liza's done when they get back to Fortitude's construction. Poppy's like, "Yay, Liza! You did something right. Oh my gosh. I don't have to bitch you out in the boardroom." Then Poppy starts adding sequins to stuff and says she really wants to do something that's classy and says "Kim Kardashian." Do those two things even go together? Anyway, Liza hates it and tells them it looks tacky. They got a bunch of plasticky fake dangly jewelry and ugly white boas. Liza's horrified this is what they've come back with.

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