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Don't Be an Ass

Don brings up the photograph with Kim again, and wonders why Poppy's still not speaking up about that being her idea. Stephanie pipes up that it's because is was her idea. Poppy says that Liza's supporting her on that, and that was her idea, so if that's the one that was good, she should be safe. Trump tells her that she thought she had a great team two minutes ago and now she's sort of ... not sure. Which is, I think, Poppy's general state: uncertain and scared. Poppy says she had a great team who worked hard and supported her. Trump asks who she would fire if she were him. She says that, on this task, she'd have to say Stephanie, because she supported her completely with the sequins and boas, which they shopped for together. Trump asks if she verified Poppy's wrong decisions, and Poppy says that Stephanie also came up with some of the decisions. Ivanka doesn't even understand Poppy's logic, and tells her she needs to want to win because she's strong, not because someone's weak. Poppy agrees, and says she's stronger because she came up with the one idea that the executives liked. She says the overall idea wasn't liked, and they're all to blame, but she was the strongest player for coming up with that idea. Trump asks if the tacky sequins and boas weren't her idea, too, and she says they were. Trump fires her. Really just so that we could deal with Liza and Stephanie for another week, I'm sure. As if anything on this show will boost ratings at this point. Poppy leaves without a word to anyone else. Trump tells the Trumplets that Poppy was nice, but she was the project manager and they lost.

Taxicab confession: Poppy says that working for Trump has been intense and intimidating because he's brilliant and you have to prove yourself to him. Poppy doesn't know where life will take her next. She says, "I love fashion. I love music. And I am also very interested in dentistry." Uh ... what? Anyway, her next step: She says she was the baby going into this, and it was an "improving" experience to learn from these people. Now she has a job doing muscle stem cell research. Hey, that's not nothing.

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