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Lonely Planet Hollywood

Back to S4, where Protégé is preparing to go out. Katrina says that they're going out for two reasons. First, because they "worked [their] butts off yesterday." (If, by "working your butt off," she means "drinking with customers and wearing XXS shirts," I suppose they did.) But then her second reason is, "We deserve it." Hey, how are those two reasons? That's not two reasons to go out! That's one reason, dressed up to look like two. Katrina can't count very high. The women go out for sushi (predictably), and of course, they spend their time dishing boys. As you do. They guess at what VersaCorp's members are currently doing. "Bowie's out yelling," someone suggests. Heh. Assorama guesses that Kwame is giving a lengthy speech about what he learned at MBA school, which...yeah, not.

In fact, what Kwame is doing is participating in Troy's latest venture, the now-famous, highly controversial, much-debated Autograph Thing. Troy has set up Kwame at the entrance to Planet Hollywood, and he's out on the sidewalk yelling, "Kwame Jackson, ladies and gentlemen. I got a New York native, Wall Street's finest!" All true, incidentally, at least at this point. Troy voices over that this was just kind of a weird idea he came up with, to get people to come in to get Kwame's autograph. Troy actually calls this his "creative spark of genius." He insists in an interview that he never lied about who Kwame was; he just told them that he was from New York and worked on Wall Street. Nevertheless, Troy points out that, after a while, Kwame started selling signed Planet Hollywood stuff. Nick comes by and observes what's going on, and he looks displeased. A skeptical woman asks Kwame whether it's for any kind of charity, and he says, "Just Planet Hollywood." I actually think it's enough of a money pit at this point that it might qualify as a charity, but I don't think that's what he means. But anyway, as far as we can tell, Troy and Kwame aren't lying, and if you ask them, they'll pretty much tell you the truth.

Back in the restaurant, a chagrined Nick and Boyfriend Bill talk about what a dumb-ass notion it is to have Kwame signing autographs. Nick interviews that he is "thoroughly embarrassed" by the way that Kwame and Troy are "selling balls and misleading people." Nick's reaction to his disagreement with what Kwame and Troy are doing, as it turns out, is to pout about it by standing outside the door, monotoning, "Drink special five dollars, drink specials five dollars." Now here's where he's less cool than Assorama. (Get a load of THAT, and be amazed.) She didn't agree with the dick ads, so she said her piece, and when she was outvoted, she not only continued working, but she took the reins in the pitch meeting and sold the campaign as well as she could. I really think she did her best, and even though she was absolutely awful that week, that part of her performance was admirable. Nick, on the other hand, is sandbagging the team's efforts generally because he disagrees with what two of the five guys are doing. And maybe he did try approaching Kwame and explaining that he was uncomfortable with it, but it sure doesn't look like he did. It's fine for him not to participate in the stunt itself, but there's no reason to sabotage the team on hustling people to buy drinks as some kind of passive-aggressive way of getting revenge on the other guys for doing something you dislike. That's especially true since he's also hurting Boyfriend Bill and Bowie, who have nothing to do with that stunt and shouldn't be rung up for it. So in the end, I have no patience with this reaction at all, no matter how sincere it is. Kwame interviews that Nick has obviously "checked out" on the task, which Kwame thinks is letting down the entire team.

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