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Lonely Planet Hollywood

Boyfriend Bill is checking out the progress numbers inside, and he says he's hopeful that by the time they get closed down for the night, they'll be on target to maybe get the victory this time. Oh, Boyfriend Bill. As Bill rounds up the guys out on the sidewalk and says that they've got fourteen minutes left to get people inside to order dinner, Bowie points out that Bill really came off like the leader in the task, rather than Kwame. Bowie says that "Bill picked up the slack completely." Inside, gearing up for the big finale, Bowie pushes drinks, Kwame keeps pushing merchandise (although it appears that he's no longer autographing it), and Boyfriend Bill puts together a dessert tray. As things wind down, Boyfriend Bill says that "it's gonna be a photo finish" as far as the win is concerned.

Night. Morning. Time-lapse. The next day. As the women get ready in the morning, Katrina says that "running that restaurant was the hardest thing [she's] ever done." Sadly, I'll bet that's absolutely true. All that drinking and being "passionate" was so punishing! She says, however, that she looks forward to golfing. Troy, elsewhere, says he's "feeling fantastic." Everyone files into the Boardroom, and Donald eventually joins George and Carolyn on the Judgment side of the table, sitting across from the Judged. And now, for the reports. Carolyn reports on the men, saying that last year's take on the comparable night was $13,168. This year's was $14,069, which is an increase of 6.8%. Pretty good. George then reports that on the women's comparable night last year, the take was $12,592, and this year, they did $16,537, an increase of 31.3%. So the women won again. And again, it's important to note that those numbers are potentially total crap. It's not clear what they considered "the same night last year," or how they did or didn't correct for unusual events...I mean, one night does not superior business acumen make. Furthermore, a story has circulated that there was a signing at Planet Hollywood by Ashanti on the day the women managed, and no comparable event on the day the men managed, and if that's true, then the whole thing really was hopelessly unfair. But it did apparently help for the women to break Planet Hollywood's practices as well as risk legal liability to push all those shots -- oh, and also to help drink them. I don't know...I certainly don't believe that the women were four or five times better at that task than the guys were. I suspect there's a little more to those numbers than meets the eye.

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