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Everyone gathers in Carolyn's office. Donald tells them that he's not trying to ruin their day, but that he's got to be straight with them about something: "You are smart, dynamic, and attractive women. You beat the guys fair and square. But you're coming a little close to crossing the line, relying on your sexuality to win.'s unnecessary. Carolyn?" Carolyn takes the floor. "Things like that aren't going to get you the job here. I want to know that one of you may be president of one of his companies." Heidi makes a skeptical bitchface, unsurprisingly. Two interesting things to note about that scene. First, can you imagine being so tacky that Donald Trump thinks you need to show a little more class? Did you see his apartment, for God's sake? That's freaking hilarious. Second, the fact that Carolyn made the statement about the fact that those tactics wouldn't get you a job with her was really instructive, because it reinforces what I was saying before: the really insulting thing about what the women are doing in assuming that every business task can be accomplished through ass-shaking is that it assumes a male universe. Carolyn's point, I suspect, is partly this: what are you going to do when she's the one making the decisions? Shake your ass at her? No? Then whatever show of competency you're going to use in impressing Carolyn, why aren't you using it anyway? I hate to give props to Donald Trump, but I was really happy that he used the word "unnecessary." He's not saying it's offensive (though it is, and I think Carolyn thinks it is). He's saying it's not necessary. He's saying, "You wouldn't be here if you weren't competent; don't act like you don't have faith in your abilities." That's the crappy part: they seem to be relatively intelligent, but ultimately afraid of relying on that intelligence to win. That's been the case in almost every task. They were smart, in many ways, about the lemonade. They were smart with the golf club and the leg wax, and they were smart to focus on the bar in the restaurant, even though they were stupid to push drinks on drunks and booze it up with the customers. They've handled the tasks relatively well, ass-shaking aside, so the ass-shaking comes off as gratuitous, and that's what I think he's saying. Just because you've got two possible approaches to winning doesn't mean you have to choose the path of least resistance. Get in there and be smart, for God's sake. The women leave the room. ["That was all right, but I was hoping they would be shamed more. Then again, I always hope reality-show participants will be shamed more than they are, just generally." -- Wing Chun]

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