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That night. S4. When the women get home from golf, they tell the guys about the experience with Trump and Carolyn. An obviously chagrined Kristi says, to her credit, "They actually had to say to us, 'too much sex,' and that's embarrassing." Amy -- who had shown every sign of having a reasonably good head on her shoulders, until now -- looks around and indignantly says, "If being attractive is wrong? Then we did something wrong." Way to miss the fucking point, Amy, you moron. Have you seen Carolyn? She's very pretty herself. It has nothing to do with attractiveness, for God's sake. It has to do with the way you conduct yourself. I have to say, seeing Amy fall into the old, tired, ridiculous "They're all just jealous of me because I'm so pretty!" routine was a grave disappointment, indeed.

Now that they've reviewed the women's ethical dilemma of the week, it's time to move on to the men's. Troy tells the girls about his autograph plan, and how he was going to get people to stop in to get Kwame's autograph. Troy insists that if anyone asked who he was, Troy told them the absolute truth: "He's from New York City, and he works on Wall Street." Boyfriend Bill is not convinced. He explains that a kid who got an autographed ball thought he had "an NBA player's autograph." "Who said 'NBA'?" Troy asks. Boyfriend Bill tells Troy that he can dress it up however he wants, but that they both know it was in an ethical gray area. Kwame says that he, too, never lied about who he was -- "I'm Kwame Jackson, from Charlotte, North Carolina." Nick now jumps in, talking about how some little kid paid twelve bucks for a ball and that represented two hours of salary for the kid's dad. "I didn't sell the kid crack!" Kwame says, a little alarmed at the level of indignation he's encountering. This seems to set Bill back a little, as he was apparently aiming for a higher standard of ethics than "better than crack dealers."

It's so strange, because intellectually, I agree with Bill. I think Nick's take is a little over the top, but Bill's argument that it's certainly an ethical gray area, I agree with. But somehow, I find the notion that a person would spend hard-earned money on the autograph of a person they've never seen before to be so absurd that seeing that kind of attitude exposed is mostly funny to me, and I can't even bring myself to be mad at Kwame and Troy. It's kind of like "The Emperor's New Clothes," I guess. There's taking advantage of people's kindness, or their generosity, or their gullibility, or their compassion, or (in the case of evangelists) even their desire to get close to God. And all those things offend me a lot more than this. This was taking advantage of people's absurd eagerness to suck up anything and everything that they think has something to do with someone famous. And at some level, seeing that exposed was...oddly satisfying, and not that much of a moral outrage in my mind. Yes, an ethical gray area. But I just didn't react with the gut disgust that Nick and Bill did.

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