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The subtext, of course, that nobody talks about during the episode at all is that people also found it much more believable that Kwame was an athlete because he's a good-looking young black guy surrounded by cameras, and for a certain number of people, that says "athlete." Again, it's hard for me to say how much I dislike Kwame for taking advantage of that fact and how much I like seeing it exposed and made to look ridiculous. Perhaps I can feel both of those things simultaneously.

At any rate, Nick walks away from the conversation while Kwame smirkingly accuses him of "grandstanding like Sammy." I really didn't like anyone in that conversation, unfortunately. Except Boyfriend Bill, and not just because he's Boyfriend Bill, either.

In an interview, Nick says he's sure Kwame will bring him into the Boardroom, and he insists that he's "formulated a wonderful defense."

Later, as Troy and Bowie relax in the living room, Troy warily says, "We're going to get a browbeating tonight." Bowie comments that they're going to be in a position of having lost half the team once this session is over. "We've been kicked in the nuts so many times," Troy responds, "that we're just disarrayed, and we're making stupid mistakes." I think that's pretty accurate, actually. Boyfriend Bill interviews that there's a very "somber mood in the loft" as Kwame prepares to take two guys with him to the final session. We return to Bowie and Troy in the living room, where Bowie is despairing that he thinks he could go up. Bowie and Troy agree that Nick is the one obvious person who needs to go up, and Bowie interviews that Nick seemed to just punk out on the task at the end. Boyfriend Bill pins part of it on Bowie for flubbing the merchandise, and Bowie, in turn, interviews that he pins a good part of it on Kwame for bad leadership. The guys roll their suitcases toward their doom.

In the Boardroom, Trump joins the guys. He immediately asks what happened. Kwame opens with the too-obvious line, "Excuses don't explain, and explanations don't excuse, so I'm not going to offer any today." Of course, he follows this line with an explanation/excuse, as I suspect has been the case with nearly everyone who has ever used that line. He says that they got beaten at the bar because they were outnumbered eight to five. "It was really because of numbers," he says. George is unimpressed with this argument. He tells Kwame that when you're outnumbered, you just have to work harder. George also thinks that they didn't approach the task aggressively enough. "Nick, you looked like you were dying on the street," he comments. "I disagree with that," Nick says. "I was happy, I was upbeat, I brought a significant amount of traffic in." That may have been true earlier in the day, but once he went into his pout, that was not the case, certainly, and I don't know whom he thinks he's kidding. Carolyn breaks in: "How many coupons were redeemed?" Boyfriend Bill admits that the coupons were not a very effective strategy. Carolyn says that they're all intelligent and capable, and that three of them stood out on the street for a good part of the day handing out coupons. She says that with the seed money they had (which turns out to have been $1500 -- thanks, Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters!), they could have hired people to stand on the street so that they -- management -- could be inside figuring out how to improve sales. Managers don't stand on the street trying to snag passersby. Well, right. They go inside and drink shots with the customers. That's how you succeed in business. Management must use its natural talents.

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