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Trump asks Boyfriend Bill who he thinks did the worst job. He says that because he was inside the restaurant while other people were outside, he doesn't feel like he has any idea. Ooh, crafty, the way he just reminded Trump that he was the only one actually steadily working inside the operation. "Who blew it?" Trump asks Nick. "Kwame," Nick says. Nick explains the autograph situation, and he says that he just objected to that tactic and wouldn't participate in it. Troy is asked who he thinks blew it, and he chooses Nick, for his lack of "enthusiasm." Bowie chooses Nick as well. Nick brings it back to the autographs, rhetorically asking, "How can I stay upbeat when that's going on?" Kwame points out that it was the "same idea" as the women playing up the sex angle, and Carolyn looks at him dubiously, like, "Yeah, great argument there."

It's time for Kwame to choose the two guys he'll be bringing to the Boardroom. Kwame picks Nick very easily. In a closer call, Kwame picks Bowie. This seems to be pretty much a result of the fact that Bill and Troy have emerged as the team leaders, and the rest of the guys are scrambling for position, it appears. So Kwame picked Bowie partly by default, as he explains when he says that Bowie's "'A' effort" suffers only by comparison to Bill and Troy's "'A+' effort."

Trump sends Troy and Bill up to S4, and sends Bowie, Kwame, and Nick outside to wait in the lobby.

Back from commercials, it is night in Manhattan. Trump tells George and Carolyn that he would hate to lose Nick, but George says that Nick is "not a team player." Carolyn agrees, saying that he takes himself out of the game "whenever something doesn't go his way." Trump then points out that it could also be argued that Kwame did "a lousy job as the captain." George, however, sees promise in Kwame. I think George tends to take the long view, really looking for the bootings to be about who in the long run can work for Trump, rather than who screwed up this particular task. On the topic of Bowie, Carolyn calls him "energetic" and "enthusiastic," but Donald points out that he was the merchandise guy, and that the merchandise stuff didn't go well. He has Robin send in the guys.

Trump asks Kwame why, as the team leader, he shouldn't be fired. Kwame's entire argument is relative -- he simply says that he's a better bet than Nick. Nick speaks up and complains that the other guys are trying to get rid of him. Nick calls himself "the strongest here," as well as "a born leader." He says he was really dismayed by what went on the previous day, because he is "not going to participate in shenanigans like that." Donald asks Bowie whether he was in favor of the autograph stuff. Bowie says that at first, he wasn't. But pressed on it, he admits that as time went on, he kind of grew to think it wasn't all that bad an idea. Prodded by Carolyn as to whether he was "teetering" about it, he acknowledges that he was. Trump waves the Firing Finger back and forth across the row of guys, calling it "a very, very tough choice." He tells Kwame that he did a bad job as the leader, but adds that because he's seen some good things in Kwame, he's not going to fire him. He turns to Bowie, telling him that he failed miserably with the merchandise. He chastises Nick for giving up on the team, pointing out that that isn't a very helpful solution when something happens that you don't agree with. But at times, he also thinks Nick has shown "great potential." He wants to see what Nick has to offer in a leadership role. Therefore? Bowie is fired. And at this point, Nick smirks, which kind of makes him look like a dick. I understand being relieved, but it really does look like a shit-eating smirk, and it isn't at all flattering to Nick that he couldn't restrain it. Bowie's never seemed like a bad guy, and smirking at his firing comes off pretty tacky. The guys are dismissed.

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