Ethics, Schmethics

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Lonely Planet Hollywood

Kwame and Nick get on the elevator up, while Bowie gets the elevator down. Donald post-mortems to the Viceroys that he likes Bowie a great deal, but that he didn't quite think Bowie "presented himself very well." He acknowledges, though, that it's been a very tough call -- the toughest yet. Outside, Bowie steps onto the sidewalk and then into his cab. Upstairs, Kwame and Nick return to S4 with smiles.

In his post-game interview, Bowie says he's just a little bummed that he never got to win a reward, because he thinks that would've been nice. He says that everyone will stay friends, because they all like each other, blah dee blah. Bowie's way too nice.

Next week: the teams are shuffled, because there just aren't enough guys left to call them a "team." The new co-ed squads try to make a thousand dollars into as much money as possible. A "serious betrayal" follows. Supposedly, you will be shocked by who is sent home. Eh. Nothing shocks me anymore.

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