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Now, it's time for the teams to speak in general terms about how things are going to go, as they do so that you can try to take your mind off how wretchedly they will probably perform the actual task. Katrina calls the men "a lethal weapon...because they don't have Sam." Boyfriend Bill, in turn, interviews that the guys just cannot stand the thought of losing again, because it would mean being sent in "100% complete embarrassment" back to the Boardroom. Every time the guys think they've reached 100% embarrassment, though, they seem to be able to cram in a little more, so Boyfriend Bill shouldn't give up hope. The limping remnants of what was once the virile, vital VersaCorp gather in S4 for a meeting about the always-interesting project-manager issue. Nick nominates Kwame, claiming that it's because of the great leadership qualities Kwame has displayed thus far. Kwame interviews that Nick in fact told the guys that Nick would rather not be leader. Kwame thinks this shows a "lack of confidence," though I think it could just as easily show a "lack of wanting to be sent home, considering the events of the last two weeks." The men agree on Kwame. Nick interviews that, indeed, he made that nomination figuring Kwame will get the boot in the event of a loss, given the firings of recent team leaders.

Over at Protégé, they're making just about as much sense as they usually do, selecting Katrina to be project manager despite the fact that Kristi actually owns a restaurant in her everyday life. Katrina, meanwhile, is wearing perhaps one of the ugliest pink shirts I have ever seen, based on the revolting collar alone. It looks like she's got a cummerbund around her neck. Ah, strangled at the prom. Just another of those freakish high-school accidents. Kristi says that she probably will be "restaurant manager" even though Katrina will be "project manager." So the women have already created two levels of management to run a staff of eight. I think they really are getting a hang of corporate America and its quest for ruthless efficiency. Now, if they could figure out a way for the two levels of management to hog 96% of the reward if they win, they'd have the whole Fortune 500 culture knocked.

As the women talk, Assorama chuckles that, apparently, they are good at this sales stuff, since they sold $1300 worth of lemonade. And -- wait -- someone is high-fiving her! Who would be high-fiving Assorama? Things sure have changed around Protégé. Maybe she feels better since getting her legs waxed, and it's making her easier to get along with. Assorama speaks for herself on this point, saying that she "started to be a little more sensitive to the girls," and was working on "making them drop down their guard." By which she means, "I decided that, as time progresses, being an unrelenting bitch no one can stand might not be the best possible strategy, considering how inspiring seething hatred worked out for Sam." Ereka interviews that while she doesn't think Assorama is sincere about her attitude change, the attitude change is certainly making Assorama a lot easier to get along with. Ereka thinks Assorama has realized she can't keep going in the game if she alienates absolutely everyone. Ereka herself, of course, is not ready to learn this lesson, because one reformed pain in the ass per week is enough. The women chant, they psych themselves up...whatever. They are totally ready to sell Mary Kay cosmetics.

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