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Lonely Planet Hollywood

"I feel like I'm pimpin' it out," Amy (I think) says as they walk away from the camera. Good grief. Well, yes, there's a good reason for that, dear. Always follow your instincts.

Back at S4, Troy and Boyfriend Bill are running on the treadmills. Bill hypothesizes hopefully that in the face of the pressure situation they're now in, the women are "falling apart at the seams." He and Troy try to talk up the notion that the women will finally lose at something, while a stressed-out Kwame is in the kitchen eating a plate of something-or-other. Troy explains that while the women were out doing the task, the boys "did a lot of team bonding." It seems to me that they could have chosen to spend their time doing a lot of team planning, but whatever. One of their bonding activities, it turns out, is the Donald Trump board game. Apparently, this game involves negotiating quasi-business deals, so they're all very comfortable pretending they know what they're doing. At one point, while Troy is trying to sucker Kwame, Bill pipes up and tells Kwame not to go for it: "Never give up ownership." In retaliation, Troy interrupts while Boyfriend Bill is trying to sucker Kwame later. Heh. Bill gets irritated, and Troy points out that Bill started it. Bill agrees to stop if Troy will stop, and they shake hands on the deal, basically agreeing that they'll each let the other rip off Kwame, which I think is sort of amusing. Nevertheless, later, Bill openly suggests to Kwame a strategy he can use against Troy, and Troy sputters, "What happened to the handshake!?" Bill says he was just trying to help Troy, which is at least plausible, based on what Bill was saying. And, you know, after all? It is just a board game. Nevertheless, Troy interviews that he'll work with Bill if he has to, but that "Bill broke the handshake deal. Bill's a snake." Hee. Oh, come on, he's not serious. Okay, maybe he is, but it's still funny.

That night. Planet Hollywood. When the Times Square team returns, Jessie has brought some tables downstairs to create a quick-service area for appetizers. In a cavernous restaurant that appears to be mostly empty. Sharp thinking. [Eye roll.] She says that she could tell that Team Leader Katrina wasn't really thrilled about Jessie's actually taking initiative while everyone else was gone. Katrina determines that the tables downstairs aren't "being effective," which kind of makes it seem like she's feeling a little peevish toward the tables themselves. "Be effective!" I half-expect her to holler at them. Dissatisfied, Katrina orders Jessie to shut the ineffective slacker appetizer tables down. Jessie tells Katrina that as the boss, she can make the call, but that it seems to her that Katrina is irked that Jessie is thinking for herself. Katrina talks some more without saying anything, and then Jessie accuses her of "spazzing out," and Katrina gives her the old passive-aggressive "I'm not upset, except that I'm upset because you're upset" thing, and I suspect that somebody stole somebody else's Bonne Bell Lip Smackers right around this point, because that's the only way you can even get a fight like this. Then Katrina gives a bullshit interview where she claims that the fact that Jessie didn't respond well to her leadership "saddens" her, because she is so supportive of Jessie. Have you forgotten that Katrina is a good person? I hope not, because she certainly hasn't. Jessie gives an interview in which she says, in a very nasal and girly voice that I hadn't previously noticed, that she isn't sure they're going to win this task. The other ones, she felt confident about, but now, not so much.

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