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Lonely Planet Hollywood

A guy buys a whole tray of shots, and the women all drink with him. Wow, professional! Katrina pushes another guy to keep drinking when he tells her he's had enough. Kristi admits in an interview that the real managers of the restaurant were obviously uncomfortable. She says that this is "not traditionally what they do." By which she means that the women are fucking up the business model of this particular restaurant, because in case they haven't noticed, it's not really looking to be Hooters, and it has no interest in going to court if the women send a guy out on the street falling-down drunk. I have to suspect that the manager also doesn't generally like to have skanky-looking boozehounds working in what's supposed to be a family establishment, but that part is a guess. To this end, the manager tells the women that he has a policy called "responsible alcohol management," and that there is absolutely zero drinking while working. Oh, and they really shouldn't be shoving drinks down the throats of people who have already had too much. The bar closes, and Amy says that they were successful with the shots, but that's about it. She thinks it's going to be close. They certainly did everything they could short of getting themselves arrested, in more ways than one, so let's hope all that effort pays off!

Manhattan. Clouds. The next day. S4. As Nick mixes up some eggs, he explains that he is "waiting patiently" for his opportunity. As he eats in the kitchen, he voices over that he doesn't have to do anything, because "these people will eliminate themselves." In many games, I would agree with that strategy, but in this game, it seems pretty dicey. If you don't do anything, you can be a pretty easy target, and since it's Trump who's deciding and Carolyn and George are watching, if you really don't do anything, I think you can easily screw yourself. As the guys get ready to leave for their day of restaurant management, Heidi tells them, "Break a leg -- and I mean that literally." That is hilarious. Did you see what she did there? With the ironic twist on the old cliché? That was awesome. And fresh! The guys take off, with Nick voicing over that if they win, that's cool, and if they lose, they'll return to the Boardroom, where Nick is "feeling quite comfortable" these days. Heh.

The men arrive at Planet Hollywood. Kwame voices over that he feels obligated to "deliver a victory" as project manager, because it's the last opportunity for the guys to grab a victory before the situation becomes hopeless. Yeah, seriously. If they don't win something soon, they're going to start setting ineptitude land speed records. The guys meet around a table, and Kwame insists that he wants people working outside on the sidewalk, trying to get people into the place, and then he wants just "a skeleton crew" inside. Kwame, Nick, and Troy wind up working outside, while Bill and Bowie stay inside. So apparently, "skeleton crew" means "forty percent of the workforce." Bowie is working the merchandise counter, and Bill is sort of a roaming manager on the inside, starting out by meeting with the staff and explaining an incentive program that they've put in place. He tells them that whoever rings up the most gross sales per hour will get $100 for that hour. George mutters to Carolyn that he likes the idea, and I do agree that if you got each of 100 people to hustle five bucks more in an hour trying to get that reward, it's obviously a big payoff. The thing that's interesting about watching Boyfriend Bill in this situation -- not just here, but as this progresses -- is that he already looks like a manager. He already looks like an adult. The women don't have anyone who goes into a situation and looks like she's in charge, except possibly Kristi. What they have, aside from her, are a lot of women who are able to wheedle people into doing things, which is really not the same thing. Just ask Donald, who doesn't do a lot of wheedling his own self.

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