Failure to Launch

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In Fair Verano, Where We Lay Our Scene

The execs leave, and the guys get to brainstorming. Lou offers to do his Hulk shtick, which Adam deems a little campy and Michael literally laughs at. Dee tells Lou, "You've been saying that you're capable of doing more. I think it's time to show you can do more." Michael says Lou is only concerned about himself, which is pretty ironic since that's the same accusation that Lou levels against Adam.

Forte has settled on Lisa's concept of using their presentation to simulate a try-out for a new Buick spokesperson. Four of the women will each take one of the Verano's key features and "audition" by reading material relating to that concept. Not unlike Adam on Unanimous, Debbie has trouble reining in the ladies who don't have fully formed ideas or whose concepts are too far afield of the task.

Unanimous. Adam, Paul Teutul Sr. and Michael have gone for the test drive, leaving the others back to finalize their concept. Panic begins to set in as Arsenio worries they have nothing. They call Adam, who suggests the guys "heckle" him on stage with questions about the features of the car. Penn Jillette fears this won't jive with Buick's classy reputation. Despite protests from all his teammates, Adam makes the final call, and the guys are left to execute a concept they don't support.

As Forte travels, Aubrey gets all kinds of grade school on us, explaining that Debbie has cherry-picked the teammates she wants in her "cool van" and put the others (Dayana, Tia Carrere and Teresa Giudice) in the other van. The "uncool van" contingent is very aware that Debbie is icing them out and make a phone call to make sure they're included in solidifying the concept. Debbie blows them off because she doesn't a concept fleshed out, but Tia doesn't tell her, "That's exactly why we're calling you -- so we can be part of the fleshing out." Instead, they just wait to be bossed around and presumably start their own brainstorm session about how to throw Debbie under the bus.

Unanimous. Adam, Paul and Michael meet a Buick rep for the test drive. Paul watches while Michael gets behind the wheel and maneuvers around the car (with Adam and the rep riding along) around an orange cone obstacle course. Blah, blah, blah, Buick = No. 1! For Forte, Debbie gets behind the wheel with a different Buick rep, Tia and Patricia Velásquez riding along. Suffice it to say, Debbie does not do much to break down that "women are terrible drivers" stereotype. R.I.P. orange cones!

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