Failure to Launch

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In Fair Verano, Where We Lay Our Scene

Boardroom. Debbie admits she's nervous but thinks her team connected to the product and brought a lot of heart. Trump asks Lisa how Debbie was as a PM. Lisa's lukewarm response tells Trump Lisa has reservations. Lisa admits Debbie was stronger at creativity than organization and was often frazzled. Debbie justifies that she and her team were all out of their comfort zone. Trump wonders who is uncomfortable being on the show. Adam admits this wouldn't be anybody's idea of comfort: "I'm comfortable drinking rum out of a coconut somewhere." Trump says Arsenio looks comfortable and fetching with his shorn head. He jokes that he might even shave his head one day. No, Trump! Think of the children! And all the jokes that will never be born!

Trump reiterates his surprise that Michael didn't served as PM even after Trump basically volunteered him for the task. In(dy)subordination! Michael insists Adam was better suited to the task, and Ivanka wonders what task Michael could possibly suit Michael better. Adam compares this task to fantasy football, saying he's the stat-loving nerd who knows more about the game than the jock (Michael), which is why Michael was smart to defer to Adam's expertise. Michael's all, "What he said boss."

Trump moves to Lou, who spouts his resume yet again. Don Jr. picks up that Lou is implying he is marginalized, and Lou confirms this suspicion. Adam defends his choice to relegate Lou to a non-speaking role because of Lou's speech impairment. Oh shit, that is not going to fly. Adam surprisingly doesn't get raked over the coals, though Trump does say Adam should have used Lou more. Then he jokes, "By the way, I didn't understand a word [Lou] just said." Hey there, duck 'do, this room isn't big enough room for three comedians! Lay off.

What did Penn do? He saucily says his three main contributions were disagreeing with Adam, getting outranked and squishing into the trunk of a car. Yikes. Those are harsh words. The loser hasn't even been announced yet, but Penn has come out swinging. He admits that the humor wasn't witty, i.e. corporate-appropriate boring comedy, which could lose the task for them. Dee confirms Penn's feelings. Trump asks Adam how he thought the guys did (great) and who will be returning to the boardroom with him in case they lost (no one). He is certain they will not lose. Trump: "That's a big statement."

Trump tells them this judgment was a toughie, then asks Teresa how Debbie was as a PM. Teresa admits she felt pushed aside. Debbie insists she listened to everyone but relied mainly on Aubrey and Lisa because they're the quickest on their feet idea-wise. Did Aubrey find Debbie decisive? In a word, no. Debbie, she says, "was good -- not great." Trump tells Tia she's been flying under the radar, and Tia yammers about her circumspect approach to the game until Trump gets bored and asks Debbie who she'll bring to the boardroom. Debbie says she doesn't think Tia or Teresa have shown what they can do.

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