Failure to Launch

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In Fair Verano, Where We Lay Our Scene

Trump wonders who would Arsenio would fire? He leads with his love for Lou but says the team is having a hard time placing him. Trump thinks hard work should win out and blames everyone else for failing to recognize Lou's ability. He tells Lou to take on PM next week to prove himself, and Lou accepts.

Adam jumps in to say that each player has earned his reputation over the last four tasks, so if Lou isn't considered a strong, versatile team member, that's on him. After that, Dee calls Lou the weakest player but argues that Adam should be fired because he was the show, and it has to be all or nothing in this case. Trump asks who Michael would fire. Michael says Lou because he doesn't bring any business skills to the table. Trump finally cottons on to the fact that Lou is full of complaints but low on solutions. Michael calls out Lou for saving all his firepower for the boardroom and essentially snaking his teammates when it's judgment time.

Trump tells Adam to pick two teammates to return to the boardroom, but Adam refuses. Trump tells all the guys to go outside and warns them he's going to fire two people tonight instead of one: "You didn't give me a choice." In the waiting room, Penn notes that Trump is retaliating for Adam's rebellion by ruling with an iron fist, adding, "A lesson has been taught." The guys also hash out their anger with Lou for turning on them in the boardroom. They call him two-faced and accuse him of being a one-trick pony who can only flex his muscles. Penn urges him to offer something different next time around, and Clay tells him his learning curve is over.

Back in the boardroom, Don Jr. admits his surprise at the double elimination, and Ivanka notes that Unanimous's weak links are finally emerging. With that, Trump calls the team back in. Amanda interrupts their angry caucus to send them to her their fates. Trump wonders why Adam didn't just play by the rules and bring two people back. He could understand not bringing Arsenio or Penn back, but Michael and Lou seemed obvious choices. Adam insists he was responsible. Trump understands and fires Adam anyway for his piss-poor survival instinct (at least that's what I'm pawning it off to). Adam is at peace with the decision.

Boardroom. It's down to Lou and Michael. Trump says the team unanimously named him the weakest link, which is patently untrue. Michael's all, "Wait, what now?" Except it's more like, "W--" because Trump keeps talking over him. And Michael lets him. Much like George, I'm sure there are many areas of life in which Michael would not be classified as meek, but a reality TV competition is not one of them. Michael continues to affirm the obvious point that he's a driver, not a car salesman or a performer. It's such an obvious basic point that Trump absolutely refuses to hear. Arsenio finally says out loud that Trump felt snubbed because Michael ignored his wishes. Michael's all, "I didn't know we weren't allowed to have feelings here, sorry."

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