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One Knight Only

At the end of the conversation, Penn references Lou's acting career, and Trump's all, "Yeah, The Incredible Hunk." Don Jr. cannot resist calling his dad out for this "Freudian slip," and everyone has a hearty laugh at old quack-quack coiffure. Cheers to Don Jr. for not letting his old man slide. If he didn't have that greaseball hair (and a wife and kids), he might start to blip on my radar. Alas!

Trump moves to George, who is much more forgiving. He says he has deep respect for Penn and doesn't think his picks will matter anyway because he's sure his team won. Penn insists neither Lou nor George did anything wrong, but it's clear Lou is still steaming. Trump asks Arsenio who he'd fire if Unanimous were to lose. Arsenio playfully calls out "Spielberg with a ponytail," a.k.a. Penn, because he created and ran the show. Trump stirs the pot asking, "What about the guy that fell off the horse?" Trump basically says it's funny to kick people when they're down. HA! HA! HA! Business! Yuck.

Back to Forte. Who will Lisa call back if her team loses? Lisa says Victoria's emotions got in the way of her value to the team. There's a disagreement over whether Victoria refused to do the job Lisa assigned her, and Aubrey nods her head in agreement with Lisa. Trump turns to Aubrey but can barely even get a sentence out before reflexively noting, "You look very good tonight." He catches himself: "Is that sexist?" Penn: "I think, by definition, yes." Ha! Trump's basically, like, "Well... whatever, it's true." And Aubrey's all, "Yay sexism! Please call me pretty, mister!" Back to Lisa, who sticks by her guns. She says it's not her job to coddle Victoria and pander to her emotional insecurities -- "Don't expect me to be your mother." Even Trump has to admit that was tough.

So who else would Lisa bring back to the boardroom? Dayana. She thinks Dayana doesn't have the "skill set" to be an overall asset to the group. Dayana insists no one (i.e. Lisa) would listen to her opinions and she "was just told to be pretty on a horse." Patricia chips in to say that, if they lose, it will be because of the concept, which she pins on Lisa and Aubrey. Lisa takes full credit for the concept, though Aubrey notes that everyone agreed to it immediately. Dayana and Victoria strongly disagree. Victoria says Aubrey actually ended up taking on the Creative Director role, and Trump looks over at Aubrey, who is holding hands with Teresa. He asks why, but instead of explaining, she just starts nattering about how mean and two-faced people are on reality TV. Blah, blah, blah...

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