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One Knight Only

Trump's all, "But I haven't even announced the winner yet!" Sir Lippy delivers the feedback for Unanimous. He appreciated their energy, particularly Arsenio's, and played to their individual strengths. They received 558 votes. Don Jr. reports that the audience liked the Housewives shout-outs, especially the table-flipping, and thought the ladies looked hot. But how many votes did they receive? Says Don, 363. Ouch! That's like a mace to the face. The $40,000 will go to Penn's charity, Opportunity Village. The guys head upstairs, where Lou is still being a total baby about Penn hypothetically calling him back to the boardroom. Most everyone is, like, "Stop being such a drama queen about it," but Penn is genuinely concerned about burning bridges. They appear to squash their beef in time for...

...the ladies to battle it out in boardroom! Lisa insists her concept was strong and that sometimes the odds aren't in your favor. Don Jr. thinks their chick-fight narrative wasn't universally appealing to the women and kids in the crowd. Dayana actually claps at hearing this. She says she tried to express the perspective repeatedly and was ignored. Victoria agrees. Trump is boggled by the fact that people weren't blown away at seeing nude-illusion Dayana, but he can't argue with the outcome.

Tia admits she's flustered because she thought everyone did a great job. Lisa begs to differ and brings up Victoria's missed cue at the beginning of the show. Victoria passionately defends herself -- a little too passionately if you ask me because she nearly starts to cry. If you're trying to prove that you don't let emotions get in the way of work, then you just failed. As she composes herself, Debbie chimes in, saying she thought Lisa was overwhelmed and Aubrey was overeager. Aubrey of course gets defensive, and Trump sees that this line of discussion is going to the weeds, so he focuses in and asks who Debbie thinks should be fired. When Debbie doesn't immediately rattle off a name, Trump turns back to Victoria, saying he's surprised that she teared up: "You do have a heart!" She says she takes the criticism hard because she showed up yesterday with a great attitude. You mean after you threatened to quit the team? Lisa says that was yesterday. On day one, she was useless. She acknowledges that Victoria's screw-ups weren't the only reason the team lost, but they were screw-ups nonetheless.

Upstairs, the guys have a grand old time giving voice to James Lipton's inner monologue. It may be the best part of the episode. I could watch several minutes of this -- especially if it meant I didn't have to endure more cat-scratching, hen-pecking, and various other misogynist caricatures to which the women are relenting.

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