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Lesson Ten: After This Interview I'm Still Me
Trump: "Dude, exactly. This is so hard."

Trump: "How do I fire an Olympian? Let's watch."
Angela: "Let's not!"

That's literally all she says.

Trump: "Even though every time this season there's been a consensus I have gone along with it, I need you to understand my dick still works."
Angela: "That matters to me less than, you're the boss, dude."
Ivanka: "More importantly, sack up. Can you make a stronger case for yourself? Or any case for yourself at all? Pretend you're sitting across from counsel, and this is what you got?"
Trump: "On an irrelevant note, I want to keep you, as a great American, which I am."
Jacob: "Only the best."
Angela: "That is literally as weak as my case is, actually."
Trump: "Yet I also need you to make a better case for yourself, now that my beautiful and brilliant daughter has pointed that out."
Angela: "That's where we part company."

Angela: "We work flawlessly together, except for how we keep losing, and we agreed on the concept, which was awful. But at least the whole group agreed!"
Trump: "This is literally the most caring and considerate I've ever been in my life. Please God tell me you've got something in your pocket."
Angela: "I cannot."

Trump: "Pretend that those $7000 are points in a hockey game against the destroyed Soviet Socialist Republics."
Angela: "That makes no sense."
Trump: "What year is it right now, in women's hockey?"
Angela: "It's 2007, Mr. Trump."
Trump: "I had no idea. So anyway, pretend you're playing hockey against Russia..."

Ungodly amounts of hours later, Trump: "If you're the PM and you go in a stupid direction, you're still fallible."
My friend Andrea: "They always fire the Project Manager!"
Jacob: "Okay, but why? For this. That's like the only thing this show gets right. Have you ever had a boss?"
Andrea: "Yes."
Jacob: "Have you ever had a retarded boss."
Andrea: "Yes."
Jacob: "Have you ever had a department-saving idea, or a special interest in your boss's livelihood, where you got cock-blocked and either you or your boss got fired?"
Andrea: "Who hasn't?"
Jacob: "This is what I'm saying. Because the flipside of this is that if Nicole had a better idea, which she's totally capable of because she's smart, and Angela hadn't followed it?"

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