Girls On Rollerskates

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Lesson Ten: After This Interview I'm Still Me

Andrea: "Cobra."
Jacob: "Right, so this would be Angela's fault..."
Andrea: "...Even if they'd won. You're so brilliant."
Jacob: "No, actually the opposite. This show burnt out my actual brain long ago like a cigarette to a Thai prostitute's frontal lobe years ago."
Andrea: "I noticed."

Angela: "So I take the fall for them?"
Trump: "Yes."
Angela: "My whole team signed on to this bad idea, though?"
Trump: "They shouldn't be looking to their leader?"
Jacob: "NICE!"
Ivanka: "My darling, my sweetness, my secret Atlantic Starr love affair, please in the name of Sandra Bernhard and Our Ladies Of The Indigo, give him a reason to fire somebody else. And then a piggyback ride."
Angela: "I cannot talk! I am a MUTE!"

Trump: "Look, for real. I cannot fire Heidi: she didn't do anything wrong. Can't fire Nicole, she's awesome. Can't fire Kristine, although she's next obviously. So?"
Angela: "What, so I take the blame? Just because I led a team to fuckuppery?"
Trump: "Basically."

Trump: "You're fired. I love you, I can't wait for you to marry one of my children that is not Ivanka, but you're not the Apprentice."
Angela: "Since I have total class and professionalism, since I am tired of this charade, since I've made the point that I am awesome and nobody can stop that being true, I thank you for everything."
Jacob: "As much as I loved Jenn and Derek's ousters as total class, I mean, that was total class."
Nicole: "And yet."

Saw T and N canoodling in some tacky mansion only minutes before J got rid of her for legit reasons and A got rid of her for legit by not being legit reasons, and N's subsequent bullshit. Saw N at Chez Trump not getting how nearly she didn't go home this week. Poor girl.

You know you love me,

Nicole: "Mr. Trump Mr. Trump Mr Trump can I say something?"
Trump, verbatim: "Why are you so stupid to talk now?"
Nicole: "I know, but it's not the thing that just happened, because who cares about that? Even though I put myself through fucking hell because of it and will continue to do so, the fact is I'm not fired this week, so flooooop I forget it ever happened, and I want to talk to you about Tim."

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