Girls On Rollerskates

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Lesson Ten: After This Interview I'm Still Me

Nicole: "Stop saying I'm useless!"
James: "Nicole, please get reality or go sit at the kids' table."
Nicole: "That's fine, that's fine, there's no point in talking about it."
James: "Um, I know. You're the one talking about it."
Nicole: "Stop trying to break up me and my boyfriend!"

Nicole, in interview: "James must think I'm weak in some point [sic and the hell?] and I wanna win, and just prove to James, 'You made the biggest mistake you've ever made in your entire life, just watch, and James, you'll be fired on the next one for firing me. You made a dumb mistake.'" Way to, um, make that point. "Trump's going to destroy you for not doing anything to me personally, because I am such a martyr that I will it so!" I mean... This is why you have to take really good care of your daughters. This is a woman whose entire sense of self is based on questionable things, in that anybody on this show has some issues there, but also on the fact that she seems unable to express herself without lying about everything, changing her inner monologue around as she sees new ground to pity herself about, and depends on literally every man in the room to tell her who and where she is. Maybe nothing very bad has happened to her, in that she's never even had to go looking for Nicole, or maybe that's the bad thing happening and it's her whole life. I don't know. I know I want to stay far away from her.

Grauman's Theatre: Trump's limo pulls up with majestic music, tourists take pictures of him and Ivanka, which makes me sad about America five different ways. Ivanka's somehow wearing a sheath dress and a sailor suit, both at once. She's like the living embodiment of Billy Budd. Down in the seats, Trump welcomes the teams to "week" "ten," and they nod and nod and nod. James will stay Arrow PM, Angela -- we'll see -- becomes Kinetic PM. I hope she does well, but I doubt it: in James's ugly little classification, she's more of a useful Morlock than even Stefani is. "I see you've chosen Nicole... or given up Nicole. Which is it?" What it was, James sleazes, was a "tough decision," because the team wanted to stay together, but "at the end of the day," he sent Nicole. It was nothing personal.

What Trump Says: "Nicole, did you wanna go?"
What Trump Means: "Your answer means nothing to me."

What Nicole Hears: "Nicole, has anyone ever been mean to you in any way? I only ask because pity is just the same thing as respect, as you've always believed."

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