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Lesson Ten: After This Interview I'm Still Me

Know your media conglomerates! Arm yourself with knowledge! The NBC Universal logos of the ages morph past and turn into the giant globe that's apparently outside the theme park. Also beside the globe are rides having to do with Jurassic Park and Waterworld. Man, remember robot dinosaurs? They used to be everywhere! The mall, the museum, everywhere good. I miss those guys. I wonder why they went away. I bet they still have them in those scary broken-down places on the side of the road like the REPTILE HOUSE that's on every segment of every highway in the country. My friend Sarah always had a love of dumptrucks and Caterpillars because they reminded her of dinosaurs; I used to love dinosaurs because they reminded me of dumptrucks and Caterpillars. Man, I love robot dinosaurs. I'm going to be thinking about that for the rest of the day. Where did they go?

Into the Kinetic war room at Universal, with that silly forward-motion logo. Heidi briefly speaks about ideas; Angela assigns timelines to Kristine, now that Muna's gone; Kristine and Jesus try to get a walk-on role in the next Universal Pictures film, but Angela's a better PM and doesn't make way for the crazy like some of them do. Angela... interviews and makes me sad, calling this an opportunity to say, "Mr. Trump! I can be a leader too!" Another great way to say that: by leading. It gets worse: "I just need the opportunity!" Um, it's called every single day? "Put me in charge of a team, and I can lead them to victory!" I got an idea where that can happen: volunteer to be Project Manager sometime in the first ten tasks. I like Angela, but I kind of hate that she's using the "gimme" construction of a Nicole or Stefani: it's not just randomly that these things happen to you. It's in your hands. Heidi brings up the concept of signage, flyers and such, but worries that these will generate business for the other team just as well. Angela agrees that they need to distinguish themselves. Smart kids. James and Frank will bring this up in a second, but it's important to note that this is the first time they're in the same territory. Up 'til now, almost every PM Viceroy has made it clear that until judging, they had no idea what the other team was up to. Put that together with this whole idea of having exactly the same task, and you already know what Nicole knows James knows: the team with the biggest kiosk will win. Props to Nicole for figuring this out, and I'm glad she gets credit for it, but that doesn't mean James is wrong, either.

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