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Meanwhile, the women have to face the firing squad. They're obviously dispirited. Aubrey thinks Patricia's charity should get the money that the women raised, but Trump shuts that down without even letting her finish the sentence. Those aren't the rules, sweetie. Patricia admits that she's especially frustrated because she raised 90-95% of the money for the team, so seeing it go to Paul's charity (albeit a great charity) hurts that much more. Ivanka tries to comfort her, saying she raised awareness for her charity. Meh. Awareness doesn't feed the cat.

Trump asks who besides Patricia raised the most money, and she points to Dayana. There's a whole gross part where Trump asks if Dayana's donor was her boyfriend (it wasn't) and whether her boyfriend is rich (he isn't). Trump insists it won't last. Like I said, gross. Patricia also says Aubrey and Teresa brought in money. Trump asks Debbie who he should be fired. She focuses first on pointing out what a hard worker Victoria was and how she was missed when she went to visit Rachael Ray. On the other hand, Cheryl was a slow poke. Cheryl tries to defend herself, saying she brought in between $10,000 and $15,000. Patricia interrupts, and it's clear Cheryl isn't enough of a shark for this competition. She insists she called an NYPD friend, who referred a lot of people that weren't specifically accounted for but still showed up. Patricia shakes her head and says there's no way Cheryl brought in $10,000.

Trump asks Aubrey who should go home, and she names Victoria. She says she'll probably take a bullet (metaphorically) for going against such a strong personality, and Trump tells her, "You may take a bullet." Literally. Don wonders if Aubrey is speaking up because she's intimidated. Aubrey insists she's a "very strict businesswoman" after working with Diddy for years. Trump interjects, "I love Diddy." Cut back to the Unanimous apartment where the men do spit takes and laughter, and Clay just shakes his head in amusement. Adam cracks, "Don's never been whiter!" Trump insists they're "good friends" and that Diddy is "a good guy." He asks Aubrey if Diddy is a good guy, and she says, "I don't want to answer that question." She explains that she was mainly calling out Victoria as a defense for Cheryl, who has a better attitude.

Trump asks why Tia volunteered herself to be brought back. Tia says she knows she can defend herself. Ivanka accuses her of being flippant after everyone had praised her. That is totally not what happened, but Tia fully admits that she might not be as strategic as the others. And that was not a compliment. Tia also calls out Victoria for being an hour late on the day of the task.

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