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Trump glosses over that statement and wonders if anyone thinks Patricia should be fired. It's an unequivocal no. They say she did the best she could have under the circumstances. Trump says, "But she still lost." He turns to Dayana, who is flabbergasted that she -- one of the least recognizable "celebrities" -- brought in the most money. Trump tells her, "People are cheap."

He then turns to Lisa and notes how nice she is in the flesh, as opposed to her stage persona. But now he wants to disprove that by making her crap on one of her teammates. She mentions Victoria's personal phone calls and Cheryl's lack of focus. With that, Trump puts Patricia on the spot. She goes with Lisa's suggestions, naming Cheryl and Victoria to rejoin her in the boardroom.

Once the ladies have left, Trump admits he's sad to have to fire someone when both teams did a legitimately good job. Still, he calls the Forte firing candidates in to fight for their lives. Cheryl insists she did a lot of behind-the-scenes work (including making a lot of sandwiches for Debbie while she was performing) and brought a lot of people in the door who bought the sandwich with the highest price (the $500 club). Patricia tries to make sense of the team's failure, and it comes down to the fact that almost everyone held back on calling their biggest donors. Victoria acknowledges she's right and admits she was saving up for her turn as PM. She says she did, however, complete her tasks in the kitchen completely. Patricia admits she expected people to hold back but thinks it wasn't very team-oriented of them. Trump asks Cheryl if she held back. She admits she did because she doesn't have a lot of New York contacts. Patricia says that's a load because she doesn't live in New York either. She won't claim that Cheryl held back the most, though.

Trump wonders if, in hindsight, Patricia would still have taken the risk of volunteering for PM. She says she would have. Who should Trump fire? She thinks Victoria has more potential, even if she's unfocused and a little selfish. Trump asks Victoria who to fire, and Victoria also name-checks Cheryl. Despite the fact that she's basically a goner, Trump asks Cheryl who she would fire. Cheryl continues to be basically useless and finally admits, "I don't know if this is right for me." Even Patricia says under her breath, "Oh, Cheryl. Don't say that." It's like a puppy throwing itself in front of the boot. Cheryl admits she's always been shy and quiet, but a hard worker. Trump mentions that Ivanka idolized Cheryl when she was growing up but wonders if Cheryl is strong enough to keep going in the way that obviously Victoria and Patricia could. Cheryl says dejectedly, "I don't know if I fit into this group." Trump says he respect Cheryl's honesty, so she's fired. As the ladies leave, Trump tells Victoria to focus or be fired. She tries to speak up for herself, and Trump's, like, "You didn't get fired. Why are you fighting? Get outta here!" In the car, Cheryl is a little weepy but admits the other women had "a toughness... that I don't have -- and don't ever want to have." Point, Cheryl.

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