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Lesson Three: Finite & Infinite Games

Kinetic's hanging poolside, Surya and everybody looking so super-cute in their lush robes. Heidi sits by the pool in a bathing suit, looking...maybe hotter than anything in the entire universe. The sun is like, "Damn, lady, give me a sec to prepare." I mean it, she's wicked distracting. It's like looking into the purple glow of a tanning bed while angelic choirs sing. Derek does his Shamu impression: beaching himself up out of the pool and onto his stomach at the edge. It's cute, everybody laughs, Angela and Aimee love it. Later, they toast with their morning bellinis and eat delicious breakfast in their robes. Kristine's ongoing skin issue is very scary as she interviews her complete disinterest in whatever horrible BS Arrow is up to. The filming cycle on this show is so short, I wonder if her face is going to clear up before we're done watching this season; I hope so, she's just gorgeous, and her makeup skills take care of most of it, but with all the princess pampering, she's not spending a whole lot of time in makeup. She's the kind of cute that you pretty much overlook it, though. Jenn wonders at the breakfast table what Arrow's doing, and Muna laughs that whatever it is, it's not having breakfast in robes at a lovely hotel. Then they all run off to get massages.

Meanwhile, Aaron's showing more spark than he has to date, talking about the site where the Menendez brothers "whacked" their parents, and what about the Simpson murders? Whoa, little man. Not where I expected him to go. Maybe it's time to reevaluate our Aaron. Stefani's like, "Um, murders? Maybe not?" James brings up showing the locations from films, famous L.A. landmarks like that, and they come up with the theme "Famous Places, Beautiful Faces." Aaron remembers the Laker Girls they already bought, and James starts dancing around insanely. Stefani laughs, and they are like a mini-Kinetic. I have to say, when they were picking teams I was really happy to see these three together -- would have been cooler if Michelle or Tim were on this side so that you could literally ignore the other side altogether, because these three are way more likely to get further in the game than at least Frank and Nicole. I'm not sure why I discounted Stefani earlier -- I think it's the Erin Brockovich thing she does with the clothes and makeup where you are supposed to infer that even though she dresses flamboyantly or whatever, she is super-smart and capable. I don't have a good history with those girls; now I just don't know what she's after. She's awesome and I really like her, but I'm not sure how that indexes with my initial impression of neediness. I've been wrong before, I guess. James interviews that he's feeling GREAT and that he's really EXCITED to showcase what Arrow is ALL ABOUT to MR. TRUMP and that he REALLY BELIEVES that they are going to win. There's a funny, weird moment where Aaron, staring into space, says several times, "This is really really good; I think this is really good." Don't know what he's talking about, or to whom, but it's cute. He's another one we finally get to see shining a little bit more this week, and I'm happy to finally be able to put a face to the name, and vice versa.

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