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Lesson Three: Finite & Infinite Games

Nicole: "I don't understand what you mean. Just delegate some tasks to me."
Michelle: "Okay, how about some grab you and Frank tuxedos and signage?"
Nicole: "Look, I'm not trying to be difficult here, but I really need some action items or tasks or something in order to contribute."
Michelle: "Fucking tuxedos. Fucking banners. Two things are that."
Nicole: "I feel like you're leading by consensus."
Michelle: "Can define you for me the word consensus?"
Nicole: "No I can't, Michelle."

Nicole interviews at a screeching, ugly pitch about how she and Frank "decided" that if they didn't get things done, they weren't getting done, because there was no way Michelle was getting them done. Just pissy, bitchy, and nasty, all the time. I imagine it went something like this.

Frank: "Nothing's getting done! I'm just sitting here getting upset!"
Nicole: "I know, right? I wish that we were doing something."
Frank: "I wish Michelle would delegate some activities."
Nicole: "I miss Tim, he's the best PM we've ever had."
Frank: "Hey, here's a list of things that need to get done."
Nicole: "Don't you think Michelle's such a bitch?"
Frank: "Maybe we should do some of the things on this list?"
Nicole: "Sometimes I disgust even myself."
Frank: "The things on this list seem related to the task at hand, and they're in Michelle's handwriting, and she just called to say that we should do them."
Nicole: "She is crazy. She's just insane. We can't possibly do anything related to the task."
Frank: "I think we should accomplish some things; let's do that."
Nicole: "God, we're amazing."

So Nicole continues to scream trashily at us about how they had to go get tuxedos -- to "create the ambience of the Rich and Famous," like isn't that the saddest thing you ever heard in the world? -- and create a banner for the bus. I can see how Michelle scouting locations would get in the way of her doing these things, but also: if you're a member of the team, do you really think you deserve a special prize for doing stuff? When you were PM, you did literally nothing, and now that Michelle's PM, you are complaining because you pitched in? Whatever. So like, Frank and Nicole creating the "ambience of the Rich and Famous," in the way that they mean it, is akin to asking Britney Spears about parental responsibility. Not to get into the whole class wars situation here, but I think you'll find that class is delineated along distinctions not of worth but of dignity. Ask yourself, what's the difference between being successful, and being poor trash with lots of money. I'll tell you one helpful standard: not using fucking quotation marks for emphasis. God, that bugs me. The banner Nicole and Frank design says:

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