"How Do You Spell Milania"

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Over at Plan B, it's going about as well as celebrities coming up with an ad campaign could go, particularly with Gary Busey on hand. Gary likes the idea of "feed your skin caviar" as a tagline. He says it's not fear-based, which is true, but the word "feed" is horrific. Lisa prefers "nourish your skin with caviar." Penn thinks that is good enough. He plans for a gold tray with a gold spoon, loaded up with caviar.

Team Power is also looking at gold. Lil Jon asks for anything gold, and Dennis just sort of hangs out and looks around. In the other van, Marilu decides that the word "nourish" isn't quite right. She and Lisa call Penn, who already came up with "let your skin taste the luxury." Go forth and buy caviar.

Over at Team Power, Dennis is trying to figure out how to spell/pronounce "Melania."

Ivanka Trump graces Team Power with her presence. She sees the nice work Trace is doing, and likes it for the skincare line of her father's wife. Eric Trump rolls in to supervise Plan B, who are taking pictures of caviar. Everyone runs in to try to tell Eric about their great ideas, and Penn pats Eric on the shoulder telling him he is a disruptive force. In a confessional, Penn compares Eric to ten pounds of hamburger (in front of sled dogs, but I would compare him to ten pounds of hamburger in numerous contexts).

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Trace is working on the graphics, and tells the graphic artist that everything looks perfect, but Melania's name is spelled "Milania" on the copy. Even though it is all over the room, on every bottle, and Dennis was spelling it out loud earlier in the day. Would Trace do this on purpose? Surely not, I think. Trace asks Dennis to sign off on the artwork, and to rely on Dennis for anything, particularly copy editing, is a fatal flaw. The camera keeps zooming in on it, to let us know that there is an egregious error.

The next day, the day of the presentations, the teams walk into their respective rooms to see the final displays and artwork. Plan B loves their stuff, which probably doesn't have disastrous spelling errors. We are set up to believe that Lil Jon will notice Team Power's errors on the large poster, especially with the product name spelled correctly just below the misspelling. But Lil Jon doesn't see it, everyone feels great about what they did. The camera zooms in, yet again, on the difference between the two spellings. If there's one thing you should notice in this episode, it is that Team Power spelled Melania "Milania" at the top of that one poster.

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