"How Do You Spell Milania"

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Simply Merlernia

So everyone is at fault for seeing "Melania" so many times that the word lost all meaning. Trace and Dennis are the most at fault, though. They should not blame "that little girl," for knowing how to use Photoshop when they could barely operate a computer. Donald offers Dennis to just bring Trace back and let Lil Jon and Brande go, and I have a feeling Lil Jon is about to be the only black person left on this show.

Trace argues, effectively, that had they spelled everything right it would have been a home run. He notes that he's embarrassed for all four of them, but Dennis signed off on those pieces of paper before they went to the printer. Then, Trace brings up how Dennis asked Melania about her bathroom.

Donald gives Dennis the "comeback player of the year" award for Celebrity Apprentice, but it is meaningless. Dennis is fired, and probably relieved. On his way out, Dennis tells Amanda the Receptionist that he "finally got fired." She notes this silently on her pad of paper. I want to see an exhaustive interview with Amanda. Who is she? What does she know? Would she be able to spell "Melania" correctly?

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