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Window Stressing

The guys of Unanimous (Adam, Paul, Lou Ferrigno, and Michael Andretti) are also in set-building mode. Adam is especially at-home because he used to be a carpenter, but his enthusiasm and self-confidence begin to rub Lou the wrong way. Meanwhile, the ladies of Forte realize that the displays they envisioned and sketched would be overly crowded within the space constraints of their actual windows. They have to change their plans on the fly so the design doesn't look cluttered. They call Dayana for approval, and Debbie immediately notices that the split in locations is creating problems. Dayana is uncomfortable approving a design change that she can't see, and Aubrey thinks she should trust their judgment.

Lord & Taylor. The rest of the guys (Clay, George, Penn, and Arsenio) start with their on-site planning as the ladies of Forte (Dayana, Debbie, and Patricia Velásquez) hit up Ivanka's showroom to style their looks. Soon enough, the guys migrate up there, and Arsenio is pleased to feel like he is providing a sense of style that no one else on his team can offer -- especially Clay and George, who don't concern themselves with women's clothing because they're "not that genre of gay man." Eric pays a visit, and it seems to go smoothly. I must admit I'm kind of distracted because Eric is a giant. Much like Penn, he manages to make Clay (who is 6'1") look small. One notable moment happens when Eric asks Clay about George. An uncomfortable smile crosses Clay's face, which Eric immediately spots, and then Clay makes some comments about "picking up slack," and Clay tries to pretend like he's not trash-talking George but just because you don't say something explicitly doesn't mean you're not sending a message loud and clear. Eric interviews that George needs to lead his team or risk the task falling apart.

Forte returns to Trump Towers for the photo shoot. Debbie smartly calls Ivanka to ask for access to her jewelry line to use in the window display, and Ivanka is more than happy to let them borrow some pieces. Don Jr. stops by to check in, and Dayana immediately gets flustered. She isn't clearly able to explain their concept. Don thinks she might not be in control. Don advises them to sort out their teamwork issues now instead of facing another ugly boardroom. Reality starts to sink in.

Dee visits the doctor, who has only bad news. Dee's finger is horribly misshapen, and bone spikes are sticking out. He needs to have surgery as soon as possible. The bone could settle into its malformed stated within 10 days, warns the doctor. Dee is speechless.

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