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Window Stressing

Brooklyn. As George gives Adam directions on the colors he wants for the sets, Adam jokes that he wanted to create a third display -- in between the office power pose and the red carpet glamour, he proposed a 2 PM nap panel. Maybe it's a subconscious suggestion because it looks like it's going to be a very long night for Adam and the builder boys. On the other hand, George and his crew basically look at some girls and some suits, and they're done for the day. Adam thinks George would have benefited from driving to Brooklyn to see what the other half of the team has created. This especially becomes an issue when Lou questions George's suggestion to paint the evening/red carpet wall midnight blue.

Forte. Patricia finally utters her first substantial words nearly an hour into the episode. She sees that the clock is ticking down before the deadline to get their photos to the printer, but they're nowhere near finished. She's afraid a time management mess-up like this will come down on Dayana as PM. Teresa says that Dayana never developed a clear vision and that her decisions have been "all over the place." Dayana says, "Wow, being Project Manager is a lot of work!" Uh, yeah. That's the point. This does not bode well for the Venezuelan vixen.

Back to Dee, who is throwing up the horns as he walks into surgery. He refuses to give up on himself or the show but he especially refuses to stop fighting for his charity. Dee drifts into an anesthesia-induced nap as we go to commercials.

The next morning, both teams report to Lord & Taylor. The ladies of Forte split into two groups: Debbie and Lisa will pick up the photos while everyone else heads to the basement to dress their set. Dayana admit she's incredibly nervous. Meanwhile, the guys run into some trouble when Paul's designers misinterpreted Adam's instructions for the sign. Adam wanted it to be floating, but Paul's guys constructed two clunky bars to support it. Surprise, surprise, you gave motorheads a task that needed understated elegance, and they gave you back industrial ugliness. Never would have seen that coming! Adam promises to make it work, joking, "It's just that... we may crush a model. But they're a dime a dozen in this town."

With 65 minutes to go until the presentation, Forte's photos still aren't there. Debbie and Lisa are heading back with them, but traffic is thick, and they're terrified the central visual element of their display won't make it up in time. Ten minutes later over at Unanimous, Lou keeps trying to chip in as Adam and Paul work out the issues with the signage. His help is clearly not wanted, and at one point, Paul shoves him out the way and asks in annoyance, "Why you gotta be so big?" Michael sits back quietly making hilariously bemused faces about the chaos unfolding around him. It wouldn't be fair to compare him to Master P on Dancing with the Stars -- no one can suck that bad -- but it's clear that Michael is just filling in for someone who really did want to do the show. He has no interest in the drama, nor the glory. He's just waiting it out until his time is up and hoping that he stumbled into some money along the way.

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