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Window Stressing

Forte. Just when it seems like things are turning around, the women realize they're missing half of their visuals. They sent off sketches for the first display and photos for the second one. Only the sketches made it from the printer, so the second window is basically empty unless they can figure something else out in the next 15 minutes. Aubrey immediately jumps into recovery mode, knowing that Dayana won't be able to think fast enough to form a plan B. Aubrey suggests they replace the photos with live models that symbolize how the "Ivanka" character made her sketches (from the first window) a reality. Lisa is particularly supportive of Aubrey's moxy.

Unanimous. The style crew heads to primp the models. Penn, Arsenio, and Clay make themselves busy with steaming and whatnot, while George "supervises" (yes, there is a hearty helping of judgment in that word choice). He intermittently chips in, calling out orders, prompting Clay and Arsenio to roll their eyes. Clay interviews that George delegated himself into uselessness. Speaking of potentially useless people, Dee arrives with a massive cast and sling. He tells the guys he had to get four pins in his finger. Arsenio is surprised Dee didn't remove himself from the competition and wonders how he'll be able to compete with only one functioning hand.

The teams put the finishing touches on their displays, and it's time to go live! On either side of Lord & Taylor's entrance, George, Penn, Tia and Teresa, and Lisa and Debbie drop the curtains simultaneously. For Unanimous, the window themes are clearly spelled out on the signs: Ivanka Trump by Day and Ivanka Trump by Night. In the Day window, Clay plays a boss meeting with the three models. In the night one, Arsenio is interviewing the same girls (really, their model twins) on a red carpet. Clay worries that George won't be able to articulate the concept well for Ivanka and Scott from Lord & Taylor, but I would argue that the organization of the layout is clear enough that he doesn't really need to. One thing Adam immediately notices isn't strong is the midnight blue background in the nighttime display. It has lost its luster in the reflective surface of the window and become dull. George gives credit to his various teammates, explaining that Penn came up with the idea of the twins, Arsenio did the styling, Paul arranged the fabrication of the logo signs, etc. He really steps in it when he says that "most people are like Lou -- they're not involved." I think he meant that he most of the guys were style-minded and was just reiterating that this task was especially challenging, but it comes off like he's insulting Lou -- and Lou takes it as such.

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