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Window Stressing

The judges move to Forte's display. Teresa, Lisa, Tia, and Debbie rattle off an awkwardly over-rehearsed bit introducing the concept of their window: Ivanka Trump Timeless Style before clapping for themselves, also awkwardly. Ivanka is lost for words when she looks at the window. The first window is a young girl (meant to be Ivanka?) sitting and looking at Dayana, who is swaying around weirdly while some poor P.A. has to hold a fan on the sidelines for 10 minutes. We get to see him, and he does not look happy. All Ivanka can thank to say is (I'm paraphrasing), "Wow, my dress looks pretty on an already willowy, gorgeous person." I think she's unimpressed (maybe a little embarrassed?), but Dayana thinks she's loving it. In the next window, Aubrey is the older version of the girl who has become a fashion designer. She's surrounded by Ivanka accessories and a couple of models wearing clothes from the line. Scott wonders who styled the displays. Lisa says it was mostly Dayana, but Teresa jumps in to say she helped. The judges wonder why Aubrey is modeling. Lisa says she fit the demographic and also points to Aubrey's "classic elegance." If by "classic elegance" you mean Jessica Rabbit hair and hooker makeup, then yes. Seriously? I will admit that Aubrey has been surprisingly resourceful and put-together so far (especially after having seen All About Aubrey), but this is not my definition of classic elegance. Also, stop talking inside the display! (Though she does bring up a good point that the border around their window makes it impossible to see Ivanka's shoe line, which could be a hit against them.)

Ivanka and Scott step aside to discuss the teams' displays. They liked the guys' execution, clear signage, and overall concept, but Ivanka thought the evening styling was lacking excitement. On the other hand, Forte's styling was spot-on, but the fan was cheesy and visible, and the shoes weren't visible.

Boardroom! The ladies seem particularly gussied up in cocktail attire this evening. I can't decide if it's just bad judgment or an homage to Ivanka's more nighttime-appropriate pieces. No matter because Trump isn't thinking about clothes when Dayana big-time biffs the easiest question possible. Trump asks about Forte's concept, and Dayana blurts out a big laugh for no apparent reason before struggling to articulate what they were trying to get across with their displays. Trump notes her nervousness, and she pulls it together on a second attempt. She is sure they won (that's what they all say...). Trump wonders if Dayana was a good PM, and no one is ready to stir up controversy just yet, but you can see that Aubrey is mentally steeling herself for battle. Tia insists the team was more unified this week and that they were resilient to changes throughout the course of the task.

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