How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window?

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Window Stressing

Trump tosses each team pictures of the other's windows. Patricia doesn't like the styling. Trump points to her modeling career as a means to justify her comments, and she notes she was the first Latina supermodel. Dayana thinks that Clay sitting at the desk makes it instead of one of the models, and if this is a women's clothing line it should be a woman in power. Clay explains that he was actually playing a subservient role. He was chosen because he's the youngest. Trump wonders why not Lou, for example? George comments that Lou is mature (a.k.a. 60 damn years old) and physically imposing. These are indisputably true statements, but George has already stepped into it enough in regard to Lou. Ultimately, Lisa thinks anything the guys didn't do well can be chalked up to "a rookie mistake" because they're not women. Sexist, maybe? True? Yeah.

The men have plenty to shoot back at the women. They think the pictures are confusing and busy. Adam quips, "As the second Latina supermodel... I couldn't figure out what was going on." Michael doesn't get that the "Ivanka" character has red hair in one scene and brown hair in another. Aubrey explains they were trying to symbolize her more conceptually and make her more of an everywoman. Lou chips in that first window makes him want to go on a picnic. Trump pauses to mull that for a minute, realizes that, yes, it makes no sense, and is all, "Okaaaaaay." But who won? The ladies! They head upstairs to sip on a long-awaited glass of champagne and watch the guys squirm.

It's quickly determined that the lack of visibility (specifically of Ivanka's name) in the second window was a critical issue. Lou acknowledges he had some qualms with the midnight blue background that George instructed them to use but deferred to George's PM status. Don Jr. thinks they should have adjusted the color on the fly, but Adam insists they had no way of knowing what the display would look like at street level since they dressed the set underground before it was elevated to street level. Trump moves on to ask about the styling. Arsenio takes full responsibility and explains some of the less obvious choices (a trench coat on a red carpet?) by saying he wanted to show the range of the line. Lou says, unsolicited, that Arsenio could have done a better job and says he would fire Arsenio. Trump thinks George should have had some oversight on the styling, and George admits as much.

Who would Paul fire? George -- because he wasn't an effective communicator. George tries to defend himself, but Trump is more concerned with the obvious look of discomfort on Clay's face. Clay admits that selling out George is difficult because he has been an icon of Clay's in terms of his coming-out and whatnot. Still, he thinks George didn't so much delegate as sit back while people took whatever roles they wanted. Ultimately, George's lack of take-charge spirit could have hurt them. Trump asks Penn his thoughts, and Penn basically says he doesn't have any because he has zero design or style sense, so he consciously took a step back on this task. Likewise, Dee can't judge because he was in the hospital for 90% of the task. Trump and the men agree that Dee gets a pass.

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