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Window Stressing

Trump returns to Arsenio, who essentially offers to fall on the sword for his team. He is quite canny about his self-defense, saying, "I didn't think I could lose by choosing anything from your daughter's collection because it's all wonderful." Flattery will get you everywhere, my man! The ladies aren't impressed, but they're mostly just glad not to be in the hot seat. Trump moves to Adam, who says that he would fire George by default because he was the PM. He insists that everyone loves George, so it's nothing personal.

Trump cuts his losses on this dead-end line of questioning and asks George to pick his two teammates to bring back. Arsenio is an obvious choice. George picks Lou next, explaining that Lou is hard to place on a team because he often misunderstands directions. The rest of the men head to the suite while George, Arsenio, and Lou cordially chat and wait it out during the deliberation.

After a quickie, Trump calls them back in. He turns to Lou first. Lou says he basically had to assign himself a role, and he again mentions his qualms with the midnight blue paint. He thinks his suggestions were ignored. George thinks Lou's enthusiasm can be overwhelming. Lou counters that George's easygoing personality made him unsuitable for the PM position and blames him for letting Adam take so much control from him. Moving to Arsenio, who thinks the biggest issue was that the team was split up between two locations. Though at first it seems like a blanket defense, it becomes clear he's laying out an indictment of George for not physically checking in on the other site. Arsenio's line of reasoning has a lot in common with Lou's (basically: George was an overly passive leader), but it's a lot less aggressive. That Arsenio is crafty. He ramps up his attack, though, when it comes to Lou. He points out, as George did, that Lou has to be shuttled around so that he's not getting in the way of his teammates. Arsenio calls that "a huge problem."

Trump takes up the styling issues. Arsenio has a very specific narrative for his choices (the trench coat was worn by assistant, not a star), but the problem is that it wasn't immediately apparent for someone walking by on the street. Don Jr. doesn't think Ivanka was consulted sufficiently, but Trump insists George should have been the point of contact with Ivanka, his client. George says he didn't know he had access, and it basically just proves the point for the millionth time that George wasn't proactive enough, period. Ugh, this is just like kicking a puppy. Except after every kick, the puppy yelps, "Thank you, I deserved that." Make it stop!

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