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Trump asks Bren why he should be kept over Alex. Bren says that he works harder and is "more consistent." "There's nobody in the suite who works harder than me," Alex interjects, "and I'm the hungriest person here." Bren tells Trump flat-out that he has "trouble taking risks." Ooh, that doesn't seem like a good move. He calls himself "conservative," Cucumber Dick, the Homosexual Commercial notwithstanding. He does argue in his own defense that he's better at getting along with people. George asks him to confirm whether he just said he has trouble taking risks, and Bren agrees that he does, but claims he's getting better at it. Trump asks what that means, and Bren says that among other things, he risked trusting Alex to do a good job. Heh. Carolyn says he can't exactly put the entire thing on Alex. Trump asks how Bren is going to work for him or being entrepreneurial if he can't take risks. Of course...working for Trump isn't being entrepreneurial, is it? Whatever. Anyway. Trump points out that "life is a risk," and Bren tries to defend himself by saying that he took a big risk by quitting his job to come on the show. He quit his job? Oy. Trump says that doesn't count, because everyone did that. Bren says again that he's "learning" to take risks, but a lot of them aren't paying off. Heh, again.

Trump asks why Bren should be fired, and Alex says that indeed, Bren is no risk-taker. And then Alex gives some weird and irrelevant speech about his past as a ski racer, which...what? Who cares? Ski racing? Shut up, Alex. ["Was he also president of his fraternity? God, he's a prat." -- Sars] Anyway. Alex says that he then went to college and law school, and took risks by studying in Israel (okay) and working as a lobbyist (ha!). Alex says that he has "passion" and "desire" that can't be taught. Trump returns to Bren, pointing out that Alex is "killing" him, and he's not fighting back. Trump takes this opportunity for an incredibly awkward and highly irrelevant preen about how he knocked off Branson and Cuban and their knockoff shows, about a stretch. Bren, essentially: "Eh." No, seriously. That's about what happens. Bren tells Trump that he and Alex are different guys, and he should just pick who he wants. Carolyn asks who wants it more, and Alex insists that he wants it more, and Bren says that he wants it too, or he wouldn't be here. He points out that if he didn't want the job, he would be at home with his family instead of "being in here, getting my ass chewed on." Okay, just another image I didn't need in a week that's had quite a few of them to offer. Trump again brings up risks, and Bren again brings up "trying to learn." Trump tells him that learning is one thing, but starting from ground zero is something else. "You might be a very good lawyer, but you're really very far behind," he says. He tells Bren that he's sure he'll be very successful, but at this point? Fired. Fired! Bren and Alex leave. There is no crying. But out in the lobby, Bren and Alex love each other, bro.

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