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And now...Net Worth. Alex and Bren welcome the executives to their presentation for the Pack Rat. Oh, jeez. Alex highlights the storage space for the electric stapler, which is kind of...dude. I mean, really. When I clear clutter out of my office, my stapler is actually one of the few things that's allowed to stay on the desk. I'm surprised they didn't make a little drawer where you put away all the pictures of your family. Alex tells us that he's just sure that George and Carolyn "really liked the design." He also says that the other folks at the presentation he was looking at looked like they loved it. Loved it! He shows how your out box and your in box will be under the top of the desk. And here's the problem -- in maneuvering around the in box and out box, Alex has Bren lift up the top of the desk while he moves things in and out. Which just makes it look more elaborate by making it look like it would take another person to make the thing work smoothly. You want to demonstrate the product so that it doesn't seem like it would actually have a negative effect on productivity by requiring you to bring in another employee for a Team Lift. Alex, of course, is firmly of the opinion that having baskets you can look down into through the top of your desk is very, very brilliant. And then the questions start. The first guy wants to know how it helps you to have your in box and out box there if you have to open your desk to get things out and put them in. One lady adds that she would wind up just piling stuff on top of it, so there's no way she'd be opening and closing it all the time. "It doesn't seem functional," one voice says, and that can't be good.

Later, Trump gets out of his limo and heads into Staples, where he meets up with George and Carolyn, and then with Mr. and Ms. Staples. They report that they did indeed like one of the products better than the other. Trump next asks the teams how they think they did, and unsurprisingly, they both figure that they won. Bren thinks his team did "spectacular." But now, it's time to hear from Ms. Staples and Mr. Staples. Ms. Staples explains that the Magna cum caddy "clearly connected" with the needs of Staples customers. The office managers at the presentation even said they would buy it. Tana makes a hilariously goofy "ooooh" face, because that's totally who she is. Mr. Staples takes over for Net Worth, telling them that they just "didn't hit the mark." The flip cover thing doesn't work, the whole thing is too big, nothing slides out, and it's just goofy. The winner is Magna -- again. Trump tells them that their reward will be breakfast with George and Carolyn at the Rainbow Room. Of course, it's a chance to get to know the Viceroys, as well as a good breakfast, one would hope. About half of the rewards they provide on this show are vastly inferior to a decent stack of blueberry pancakes, so at least there's that. Bren and Alex, on the other hand, will go to the Boardroom, and one of them will be fired.

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