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Lesson Four: Strap It Back

Toral, with her extensive experience in marketing and advertising that didn't exist back on page one, gives us the rundown: the problem was a "superficial analysis of the brand," and she smugs up the place about how she was "pleased to see people finally put in their place." Trump, on speakerphone, asks if anybody wants to vote against Clay's exemption for next week. They're all silent, and Clay is very thankful. Josh admits that after all that, the reality is that "we did win under his leadership, he made decisions, he did a decent job." Although I agreed with Josh and Chris's original problem with the exemption thing, it still pleases me. I like Josh more than usual this episode. Maybe because he didn't have much to do. The guys, having won, will be playing the Mets at Shea Stadium. Felisha gets grossed out about losing, and Trump reminds us, "Somebody will be fired." The camera considers Toral at length.

Back in the suite, Toral is bitching at Felisha about...whatever. The whole thing. They're both sotto voce, which I admire, because the freakout claws are fully snikt-ed the whole time. Toral is so dumb, she's sitting down on the bed, with Felisha staring down at her. So dumb. Have this conversation across a desk, if you're honestly going to do this whole bullshit shambles of a desperate wank-off. Toral thinks that Felisha could have handled it better. Felisha responds that she handled it over the phone "very nicely." Toral invents how she said that she has "a personal and spiritual belief about that stuff." Blubber, kind of enjoying herself now, notes that she didn't invent that until just now. Toral lies and says that she totally invented that lie way back at the beginning, like before milkshakes were invented she told them all this lie. Felisha said that "personal reasons" sounds like an excuse and has nothing to do with religion, and that was where Toral left it. Toral disagrees, because she's nuts and doesn't actually know she's lying. Felisha -- and this is brilliant, the usual thing she does -- goes, "If you wanted me to know that, and you thought that was your case, you needed to pull me aside so that I could back you as well, and you didn't do that." Cornered, Toral goes back to the beginning of the conversation, how "all she's saying" is that she's "a little bit disappointed in how that was handled." Felisha leans slightly closer: "Well, guess what? I'm disappointed too."

Blubber interviews, absolutely correctly, that after the loss, Toral clearly started thinking, "I could go down for this -- I better come up with a reason nobody can argue with. Oh! God! Whatever my deity is, that's my reason." Which is kind of harsh, but yeah. She runs to Kristi, all, "She's trying to turn this into a religious thing! Respect my religious thing! I'm like, You're so full of shit." Kristi wonders if she actually said that, because you know Kristi would have, which is why I like her. Felisha's like, "If that was the case, and I'm not sure it was…" And Kristi almost jumps up: "Then say it in the beginning! She said it was degrading, she said it was demoralizing…" Jump to Kristi in interview, wearing gigantic pink chenille Mickey Mouse gloves, all, "I can't be in the costume because it's against my religion. Ridiculous! It's not against her religion, that's bull-crap." So cute. She stares off-camera on the last word, just totally exasperated.

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