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Lesson Four: Strap It Back

Toral explains that there are two reasons, which she would "characterize as personal, and also cultural." Talk like a person, Toral. First of all, it takes "a lifetime to build a reputation, and some small judgment errors...really destroy a reputation" and that "wearing a chicken suit or a Zip outfit" is "contrary to the image" she has built of herself in her own deluded mind. Complete the thought, Toral! GOD! Trump's like, "Funny you should mention chicken suits, because I totally wore one on Saturday Night Live, so you just called me a chump." Marshawn and the Bloven laugh and smile because they totally remember that. Toral complains that it's okay for him because he's Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, but that she's merely an "up-and-coming business person," whatever the hell that means. Then there's the second reason, which, straight from her horrible mouth, is "obviously having to do with some cultural values and some religious values that I think this is not the forum for." Trump: "Oh snap!"

He begs her to cut it out, if she's just using the religion card, and she protests overmuch about how there's an "absolute religious tenet" having to do with something or another, and he asks if she told the rest of Capital Edge that. They all scream NO! And she continues to boldly lie about stuff nobody ever lies about, ever, because it's just too icky: "Mr. Trump, I...said there are cultural and personal reasons," and he's like, "Okay, you have to tell the truth, we're talking about religion." Dude, if Donald Trump is like, "Your ethics are a little bendy," you need some religion.

Toral goes off about how this whole conversation, which she has engineered, is totally inappropriate, and how she's not comfortable talking about the "personal and religious" subjects she just fucking introduced into the conversation, but Trump's over it. "Rebecca, are you still a fan of Toral?" Rebecca gets that intense broken-bone Katie Holmes face again. "I think that when she said the night before, that she would show us her leadership abilities the next day, I think that she should have the next PM…" Toral jumps on top of her. "Rebecca, Felisha said that she's a marketing genius! An expert in advertising!" Carolyn -- who's gotta know what a pile this is -- redirects: "But you had a lot more to prove, so why didn't you step up and take over as PM?" Crap, now they've got Carolyn doing it. Toral is unstoppable in her madness: "When you have someone who says she's a marketing genius…" Kristi screams! "NO! She did not say that, Toral!" Trump ascertains from the sane members of the group what actually happened, which is in fact the precise opposite of what Toral is now proclaiming to be true. God knows what she actually heard, you know?

Toral equivocates, and both Trump and George call bullshit. They bully Rebecca into first admitting that Felisha didn't use those exact words, but Toral explains -- in an embarrassingly, condescending tone -- that the meaning was there. Trump calls Toral a liar some more, and asks Rebecca what he should do. Rebecca is great: "I would have kicked myself if I'd never got to see what Toral was capable of doing." Trump asks what she's implying in the question: "Okay, well. Now you've had an extra week. Are you impressed?"

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