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Lesson Four: Strap It Back

What bothers Rebecca is how Toral didn't make a stronger case for herself in the first place. "I wanted to see her in that role. If I was the person in Toral's seat, I would have stepped up to the plate and made a really strong case for myself," and demanded the PM position...just like Rebecca did when she broke her ankle! She totally goes there! It's awesome. There's nothing up her sleeves, nothing behind her ears, and them BOOM we've gone from Toral as total disappointment to how Rebecca totally rules. Man, that was good. Trump sets 'em up, and Rebecca stares at 'em until they fall down out of fear.

Toral says "you know what" a bunch more times, everybody calls her worthless, and she claims to have been sidelined for cruddy reasons. Carolyn asks Marshawn if Toral is why they lost, and Toral interrupts with an incandescent "No, I'm never the reason!" And Carolyn slaps her right down. Marshawn gives the very good answer that Toral contributed nothing, and that "if you have a team member who doesn't contribute, then they can't be a part of the victory -- or a part of the loss." Trump explains to Toral that it wasn't so much that they sidelined her for refusing the costume, and more that they were sidelining her regardless: "You know why they wanted you to wear the costume? Because they didn't want you to contribute. They thought you were the weakest person on the team." Toral: "Mr. Trump, in your book Think Like A Billionaire, you always say consider the source. Who is the source here really?" She gives him a "we're on the level" condescending nose-scrunch, just like fucking Markus would here, and rolls her eyes. Trump's like, "Well, um, there are a lot of sources to consider, Crazy. All of them hand-picked by me, so shut it, and, like, there are a ton of people who hate you. Including George and Carolyn." She jumps tracks again to complain about how Capital Edge is just vapid sluts all around and he's like, "Every single problem you're mentioning could have been solved if you were the PM, no?" She fights him, but he swings back around to Rebecca. "You never answered my question. If you were me who would you fire?" She sighs and stares at the desk. "Toral. The team won't work with her on it, unfortunately." He almost laughs and asks if that was really so hard. She's like, "Yeah it was." And it clearly was, and that's sad, but don't pick a sick pony, girl.

Trump tells them all how disappointing it is that they keep losing, and then goes crazy. "Generally speaking, I'd say 'Felisha, pick two people and just bring them back in,' but I am so disappointed with you, Toral. You have the great Wharton education [probably], but you are totally ineffective. You've done a terrible job, and you're fired. Go. Out." Rebecca is sad, Blubber's relieved to remain a Heather, and Toral brushes off Rebecca's concern almost kindly. Out in the foyer, Toral encourages her again as she's crutching by, and it's more real this time.

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