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Lesson Four: Strap It Back

Inside the Boardroom, Trump uses "divisive" correctly, and repeats that he's disappointed in her, because she's so smart. Me too. Carolyn's issue is that she didn't "step up" as PM (AAUGH!) and George just doesn't see why she couldn't put on the damn costume. Ultimately, they all know they did the right thing. Ultimately, they don't say out loud that they did it a couple weeks late.

As Toral strides out to the taxi, chin held high, Jennifer leads the women back to the suite and Marshawn shuts the door. In the Crazy Taxi, Toral says the following words: "Some people take their personal dignity very seriously. I'm a person of stature and respect, and in everyday life I don't think I would even speak to somebody like Kristi or Felisha. I mean, these are people I would not even hire as my administrative assistants, honestly. So thank goodness this whole thing is over with, and I can just go about my business at this point."

I don't even have time to deal with that speech, but it's kind of an object lesson in its own right. I will, however, say that she's now claiming to have trademarked the name "Toral" under a corporation that doesn't exist, and has the world's most hilarious website in the entire universe, and it's called "The Unforgettable Business Genius, Toral Mehta," and that's a lesson too. In terms of Maximizing Potential, I think we must also consider the corollary, which is: "Minimize Toxicity." Identify the crazy, and don't sideline them. Just boot them out. They'll find a company to work for eventually, and all the people there will be just like them, Unforgettable Business Geniuses and "multipreneurs" and self-obsessed toe-rags, the lot, and it'll be great and they can do all the yelling and time-wasting they need to do without ruining everybody else's day, and that's why America is great. And they'll be called "small consulting firms," and you will know them by their CEO's bullshit meetings, incomprehensible gatefold brochures (Dream! Evolve! Learn! Believe!), general dicklessness, and inability to operate fucking Powerpoint. And if you're my best friend Anna? You'll get a new job in the same building, and smile sweetly when they pass by, because Minimizing Toxicity is something you gotta do on the inside every now and then too. "Look! A real company! And you're hired!"

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