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Lesson Four: Strap It Back

Felisha shows the Zip concept drawing to the costume people, for some reason pointing out that there are absolutely no DQ symbols, insignias, trademarks, or any other signifiers marking this character with any kind of brand identity. As above, they're asked for their actor, and Felisha two-ways to Toral to ask politely if she'd be "interested in being the character." The reasons for this are two-fold: number one, Toral's been worthless, and thus does not deserve to show her face in the presentation. The second is that everyone hates her and wants to see her in a funny costume. I'd say it's about 40/60, for the team, and most of that is Marshawn being nice, but for me, it's about 80% the funny costume thing and 20% hoping she'll fall down and poke an eye out. Marshawn and Toral look at each other, and Toral's thinking, "Can you even believe this shit of how I'm being asked to contribute?" while Marshawn's thinking, "Please don't fucking freak out about this." Toral says she'd prefer not to do it, honestly, and to be quite frank myself, that's when she got fired. Even more than when she pussyfooted around the PM thing, this is where she just hands the Bloven the knife and exposes her throat like some kind of dishonored woman in a bad country.

She interviews how "That character was a childish character, and then all of a sudden it comes to me that Felisha is demanding that I do it. I just have to ignore her." All I can hear is, "Hey, hammer this into the ground about what a bitch I am, okay?" Felisha's like, Will do! "I just need you to step up and say, yeah, I'll do that role, if that's where you need me to be." Translation: "I will fry your ass so fast. It's what we call an 'ultimatum,' son." Jennifer laughs bitterly, a full-throated, head-back affair, because we've all agreed to act like Toral's being intractable. Which she is, but it's still fun to act super-scandalized even as she's playing into your obvious trap. Marshawn just ignores the whole thing and keeps her head down.

Toral says it's "just something [she's] not comfortable doing," and Felisha gets this huge headache, all, "Why -- um, why are you uncomfortable doing it?" Toral just doesn't "feel comfortable in that sort of position," but she's totally into helping out "however else" she can, which is no how. She'd like to be involved in the presentation, if possible. Because nothing says success like a surly asshole telling the client how much you hated the entire idea, Markus. Felisha makes sure we're all on the same page, reiterating all, "Okay, well, that's where I needed you to be, and you weren't able to step up to the plate to do it." It's funny, because it's that same Felisha "I'm giving you the opportunity to prove me wrong, please do so at the tone" deal, with added "just so we're clear, you're a douchebag, right?" on top. Kristi starts screaming: "Done! Done! Done! I'm so over her! I'm done! She's done!" It's awesome. Get it, girl! I'm so with you right now that I'm married to Ryan Phillippe! Felisha just looks tired and bored with the whole thing.

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