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Water, water, everywhere, and yet it costs a lot

Trump is getting bored. He tells Ereka that as project manager, she's partially responsible for the loss, and she has to pick who's coming with her. To Trump's obvious disgust, she takes Bill and Nick to the final table. "Katrina," Trump says contemptuously, turning to her, "go back to the suite. Your girlfriend Ereka gave you a break." He sends Ereka, Bill, and Nick out into the lobby to wait. "Enjoy your evening," he says to Katrina, "there's no place like Trump Tower." And what makes the next moment so brilliant, as Katrina decides not to say anything and just leave the table, is that she pauses for just a moment, and that's when she realizes that it is completely, utterly over for her. Between last week and this week, Trump has made it clear that he has absolutely no use for her whatsoever, and whether she goes this week or next week or whenever, it is over for her, and she knows it. And she'd like to say something, but she knows it's too late. And all of that flashes on her face in the two seconds before she gets up from the table and leaves. And you know who else realizes it? Boyfriend Bill, who is grinning from ear to ear as Katrina gets up from her chair. It's beautiful. She's fucked, and she can do nothing, because officially, she's off the hook. It's hilarious. As they all walk out, Boyfriend Bill says, "This is gettin' rough." As they sit on the couch, Ereka says, "Sorry, Bill." So apparently, she's not mad at him yet.

When we return, it is night in Manhattan, as usual. As the candidates wait outside, Trump asks the Viceroys for thoughts. Carolyn says that nobody impressed her. George says that it's pretty clearly a decision between Nick and Ereka, as he sees it. And while it's a close call given Nick's total lack of personality or connection with the customers, George thinks that Ereka's inability to control her emotions makes her a very risky proposition as the leader of a company. We see Ereka out on the yellow couch whining to Bill that she's "not unfair." And she isn't insecure! And she doesn't need approval! She really really doesn't! Before long, Robin sends them in to the Boardroom.

Nick has something he would like to say before they get started. He goes on a bit about how he goes all-out to make sales. Ereka starts to bicker with him, and Trump turns to Bill and asks him if he's just going to be quiet while they fight. Bill's like, "Uh, basically." Trump tells Bill he's probably in pretty good shape, and is wise to keep his mouth shut. I don't think Bill needs to be told that twice. Ereka stresses that "Bill did a great job." Trump turns it on Bill, though, and asks him who he would choose. Bill groans. George, who I think obviously likes Bill and is dying to have Bill step up and prove that he really does have the goods, tells him that sometimes as a businessman, you have to make hard choices. "But you don't have to live with the people," Bill says, reasonably enough. Trump says, "Sometimes you do have to live with the people." Yeah, he remembers all the wives he's fired. Asked again, Bill says, "My only problem with Ereka is that was that many of my ideas were dismissed." "Would I be right in making the statement that between Nick and Ereka, you think Ereka should be the one that would be fired?" Bill's like, "Well -- well --" And George cuts him off with that little "bup-bup-bup" noise people make when they want you to stop talking. Is George right? Bill finally says, "Yes, that's correct." ["That annoyed me, I have to say. George asked you a direct question. Pick a pony and bet it already." -- Sars] Ereka mutters that she's "disappointed." Yes, Bill has cut her deeply. Didn't he listen when she said it wasn't personal? Nick goes back to insisting that he's awesome, and can make a great operator of a Trump organization. Can Ereka handle it? "No," Nick says. Trump wants to know why. "Yeah, this is interesting to me," Ereka snots. "If I can manage fixing all of your screw-ups, I hope that I can manage being president of a company." And here, there is an awesome shot of Carolyn looking at Ereka like, "Is she fucking serious? SHE IS!" Carolyn is gobsmacked by Ereka's petty little display, but she can't help being a little bit amused. Love her.

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