Ice Escapades

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Water, water, everywhere, and yet it costs a lot

In her taxicab confession, Ereka insists that she still did the right thing not to bring Katrina, and Trump just got it wrong. You keep it up, babe. No point in learning anything, when you can just be bitter. She also claims that Nick is the real loser in this round, anyway. Pay no attention to the fact that she's the one in the cab.

Next week: Heidi and Assorama have a confrontation. Hopefully, something bad happens to at least one of them. There is fighting. There is crying. Hey, maybe this will be the Best. Boardroom. Ever. Though it will have quite a lot to live up to, because Ereka's booting was indeed the most satisfying yet. Oh, yeah, one other thing -- next week? Katrina finds out that Bill and Nick stomped Ereka. And I, personally, cannot wait for that.

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