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Water, water, everywhere, and yet it costs a lot

Next up are Nick and Katrina at a nightclub. Ereka and Boyfriend Bill are present for this one as well. Nick gives the guy this big fat pitch about how the water is bottled far away from civilization (yeah, Pennsylvania!) and so forth, and then the nightclub guy just cuts him off. "Okay, this is a nightclub. It's not rocket science, it's just water." In other words, he's a price shopper. He doesn't care if the water has legs. "You just want to know a price," Bill says. "What are you guys comin' in at?" the guy asks them. Boyfriend Bill says, "What if we can cut your price almost in half?" the guy winds up with a pallet. Gee, thanks, Boyfriend Bill! Bill interviews that Nick did have a problem not wanting to pause and learn about the customers. "He's a hardcore salesman," Bill says, "but Nick's a guy who oftentimes will jump out of the plane without learning how to operate the parachute." I'm not sure Nick pauses to make sure he has the parachute.

We return to S4, where Amy is reviewing paperwork. Heidi explains that at the end of the day, they had all the paperwork in order, and everything was ready for George. Bunch of goodie-goodies. They are the yearbook staff of S4. Carolyn, meanwhile, gets stuck going to see VersaCorp, which doesn't have its ducks in any sort of row. Bill interviews that Ereka had a problem keeping the paperwork together, and while she's trying to take care of this, she's on the Space Communicator. Who is she talking to? Bill and Nick are right there. Is this a Katrina problem? She blames Nick in an interview (unsurprisingly), saying that he wasn't filling out the paperwork correctly along the way so that it could be approved. On all those sales he...didn't make, I guess? Furthermore, I love how this is apparently the first opportunity Ereka had to address this issue, even though they've been working on this for two days. Besides, couldn't Katrina have done the paperwork, since she was teamed with Nick? Why oh why do I keep seeking logical answers to all my questions? Ereka continues to freak out as she tries to put the paperwork together. Bill interviews that Ereka was "extremely flustered" and "making excuses for why we didn't have our papers in order." Moreover, he points out, she freaked in front of Carolyn. Not cool. Never freak out in front of Carolyn. Carolyn finally clears out, as Katrina wears her pouty face. Her pouty face has a lot of miles on it.

As it gets to be evening, Kwame and Troy put on their sneaks and head for the gym. The rest of the team watches them go, as Ereka roots around in the fridge and Katrina peevishly nibbles on something. They all discuss the fact that the wait for the results of the task is going to be excruciating. "Sitting here trying to guess is going to make us go crazy," Katrina says. Ereka says she needs to drink. She wants to run, but needs to drink. "This is what it drives me to," she says, "I just want to be baaaaad tonight!" Well, sure. And, you know, nothing says "genuine bad girl" like talking about it a lot. They all go out of the suite in various stages of undress. Ereka is sort of trying to sashay humorously, but when they head for the cab, you can see that she just kinda walks like a truck to begin with.

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