"I'm Being Punked by a Jackson"

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Soap Drop-era

Stephen Baldwin's plan as PM is to be dominant and ruthless. Trace Adkins doesn't look like he likes that, but it's also possible he's sick from the shellfish on the cruise he just came off of.

The Crystal Light executives meet with each team to give them helpful hints like "it's gotta be on-brand," "present the product so people will want to try it," and "zero-calorie flavor customization." Stephen, to help the executives out, paraphrases back to them how to use the product and excuses them. It's about making your depressing water fun and optimistic depending on how bored and depressed your feeling. That's all there is to it.

Over at Team Power, La Toya tasks Lil Jon with being the director, and worries about Dennis Rodman even showing up. Omarosa is offended that La Toya doesn't want her to act, especially after all her acting ability she displayed in the boardroom. She calls being the Stage Manager a "menial task," unlike acting. Omarosa was featured on the cover of Soap Opera Digest, La Toya. So yay Omarosa and boo for making her do anything but be the star she was born to be.

Omarosa suggests a Real Housewives theme to the soap opera, even though none of the Real Housewives are returning for this season of All-Stars. She pushes this idea, and La Toya is simply too quiet too early on in the process. Plus, no one else has ideas. Eventually, Lil Jon has the idea to have the live audience drink Crystal Light any time they hear the dramatic music. Omarosa's terrible idea is overruled.

Over at Plan Busey, Stephen Baldwin is focusing on writing the brand messaging into the script. "How do we incorporate flavor customization into the soap opera script?" he muses. Penn has the great/obvious idea of heightening the drama or intensity of the emotion, just like you heighten the flavor of your water.

Over at Team Over-Powered-by-Omarosa, Omarosa tears La Toya to shreds for not letting her go get props with Claudia and Dennis. It's clear that everyone is already planning for the boardroom, and not for the success of the team. La Toya and Omarosa get into an argument over whom is more disrespectful, which causes La Toya to stand up and raise her voice. Omarosa tells La Toya to look up "good leadership," possibly on the internet. And this drama isn't even happening in the name of Crystal Light.

Out at Lord & Taylor for costumes and props, Omarosa continually calls La Toya for direction on every decision. She will not be held responsible for anything.

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