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Condescendin' the Clowns

In the process of responding to Aubrey, Patricia introduces a completely new player to the conversation: Teresa. She thinks Teresa lacks versatility and is, thus, the team's weakest player. Teresa insists she can be creative, especially when it comes to writing because, "I just finished my third book. I have a ghostwriter." Oh, Teresa. Shoulda stopped after "third book." Trump asks Teresa who is stronger among Tia and Patricia. Teresa's knee-jerk reaction of "Tia" signals to Don Jr. that Teresa is retaliating, not answering smartly/strategically. Teresa insists Patricia has only "been doing the printing" (A.K.A. graphics). Teresa insists she could do everything everyone else has done, though there is literally zero proof to back up that claim.

Aubrey interjects to say that this sudden flare-up exemplifies what's wrong with Forte. She thinks they're "not about business" and an embarrassment to womanhood in general with all their cattiness and chatter. She says succinctly, "Sometimes when you're beige paint, you need to own that you're beige paint and keep moving." All this would have been well and good if Aubrey didn't immediately launch into a new tirade that was decidedly catty, most notably knocking Tia for her age (which Aubrey incorrectly overestimates as "50-something" when Tia is actually 45). The men explode in a collective "Ohhhhhhh!" and Trump says that comment was "rough." Even Lisa has to cringe and admit she never uses age in her act.

Aubrey recovers by saying that Tia should be able to stand up for herself and communicate if she has decades more experience in the business. Trump wonders what Tia did to Aubrey to rile her up. Aubrey thinks Tia has been a real C-word. "Catty," you pervs! She insists she's worked hard for every project manager, and Lisa vouches for her. Aubrey points to the incident where Tia discounted Aubrey's camera angle suggestions only to applaud the exact same idea when it came from Lisa's mouth. "That is catty!" Upstairs, Arsenio calls Aubrey "self-righteous," and says, "If there's a god, Aubrey is outta here."

Tia points out the clique that has formed between Aubrey, Lisa and Debbie. She (unwisely) points to Aubrey's history as a sorority girl to delineate Aubrey's inherent evil and Mean Girl-iness. Aubrey insists she was the nerd in the sorority who got picked on and beat up. At this, Tia's eyes practically roll out of her head. Trump doesn't really seem bothered by this whole line of discussion, but I think Tia didn't do herself any favors with the sorority hateration.

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