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Kelly and Jen, sitting in a tree

Elsewhere, at Riverbank State Park, Jen's team is arriving to get started on the task, and Jen is telling us that these two days are "about execution." So she's lucky she has some other people with her so that some actual work can get done. It would have been neat if these people had been cursed with teams of "helpers" made up of people just like themselves. Jen reads over the schedule and discusses with the team the fact that Chris Webber is the emcee. "So you're a big basketball guy, Chris?" Jen says. Chris explains that "everyone knows" Webber from college and the NBA, and that he was supposed to come to the Knicks. And didn't. "What does he look like?" Pamela asks. Chris pauses. "Tall black guy." And then they crack up. And yes, it's funny, and no, not because all black people look alike. It's funny because it's a very poor description of an NBA player, and that's an empirical fact, just like "short white guy" would be a bad description of a jockey. And that's all I'm saying about that. Chris interviews that Webber will "throw some humor in there" and is "a good public speaker." Jen next announces to the group that she's putting Pamela and Chris on "game operations." Like...operating the game? Goodness. What will Jen be doing? Somewhat unnecessarily, she voices over that for her, leadership is about "delegating and overseeing." It sure as hell isn't about doing any work, apparently.

A bit later, we hear Pamela making a call on the Space Communicator, introducing herself and Chris as the operators of the game. As it turns out, this call is to somebody who's with the NBA. Pamela says in an interview that in Jen's shoes, she wouldn't have handed off contact with the NBA, because those are the people who are going to evaluate you -- and I'm sure that while the charity is the sponsor and thus the client, the NBA is the power player in the situation. It's kind of like the Jessica Simpson concert -- the casino was the venue and would be the client, but the one you have to please is the NBA, because it's their charity, and they're giving the players and such. I think the NBA is the Jessica Simpson, really, except that the NBA can count higher than Jessica Simpson using a single three-point shot. The NBA guy asks who the lead person is on the event, and Chris says, "Jennifer, um..." and looks at Pamela. "Massey," Pamela says, and Chris repeats it. Heh. "And where is she at this point?" asks the NBA guy. "She an office," Pamela says. Double heh. Is animal? Is she...bigger than a breadbox?

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