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Kelly and Jen, sitting in a tree

Back in polo country, at a team meeting, Kelly is asking John to brainstorm ideas for things they could "sell to a sponsor." John then bitches for a while about how Kelly is on the laptop all day long, just working, working, working -- so annoying, you know? With the working? At any rate, it appears that Raj and John just became plum fed up with this, and decided they would have a good time, because they certainly weren't going to give two entire days to something just because they committed to it. John tells Elizabeth and Raj that he's just going to drink during the match. "Waaait a minute," Elizabeth says. "If I need help during the event, you guys are helping." "My event will consist of watching the game," John says. It's not easy to make yourself look like a bigger loser when you return after being fired, but I think John and Raj just may pull it off. Inside, Kelly picks his teeth as he voices over that indeed, he wound up "wondering where [his] team went." The team, meanwhile, is outside, having a footrace to a big sign. Kelly, inside, notes that the team clearly "didn't have much at stake." "If anyone asks, we were stomping divots," John says as the group heads inside. Jerks. Kelly says again that he has a team that has no inclination to help him, even when "[his] butt's on the line." It's almost enough to make a guy wish he'd been nicer, although that would be a sign of weakness, so Kelly probably just wishes he had a bayonet or something.

The next morning, Team Jen gets up and out of the suite as she explains that it's the day to "make sure all these moving parts start coming together." Fortunately, she's got worker bees for that. You'll be shocked to hear that she's "given [her] team a long list of to-dos." It appears that Chris has "to do" the job of loading a huge amount of crap off of a truck and take it by elevator to wherever it's supposed to end up. And he's having no fun at all "humping" stuff from one place to another. And when he's done with that? Gift bags. And we know how everybody loves working on gift bags. In my favorite Chris sequence...well, maybe ever...Chris is trying to get some stuff on the elevator, but he's blocking the door, so the elevator keeps dinging because the doors can't close. Elevator: "[Ding]." Chris: "Fuck you." Elevator: "[Ding]." Chris: "Fuck you again." Man, I have had that day, let me tell you. Upstairs, Chris runs into George, who feels like this might not be a great allocation of work to one of the members of Jen's management team. George asks whether Chris feels "utilized or underutilized." Chris, sweaty, says that actually, he feels "overutilized." Hee. George then asks whether Jen has spoken to the NBA, and Chris reports that he and Pamela did, but Jen hasn't. George looks a bit surprised and more than a bit displeased by that report.

And now, Jen meets with a couple of women from Genworth who have come to have a look around. Jen shows them the "VIP seats," which will eventually be set up and blocked off for the different sponsors. Genworth Lady says she has other questions, and wonders if they can sit down. Jen says that can be arranged, so they go for a little chat. Jen tells us that having the court and the seats only partly set up was a cause of some discomfort for her. Genworth Lady asks Jen how she's directing people to their seats, as far as how the people from Genworth, for instance, will find the Genworth seats. Jen pretty much says they'll have ushers. Which I would consider inadequate in the extreme, because you can't have the corporate muckety-mucks standing around waiting for an usher to get to them, I don't think. Jen notes that Genworth Lady doesn't look excited, and says, "Is there a way that we should be handling this different from what we're doing?" See, that's not their job, Jen. That's your job. When you have someone who's job it is to plan the event, you let them plan the event. She should have asked them what concerns they had, or even whether they thought that would be adequate, rather than putting it in terms of, "Is there another way you want me to do it?" Because they're just the problem identifiers, really -- the problem-solving is Jen's responsibility. Genworth Lady basically says she's not in charge of how the event runs, so she's not really able to say how Jen should run it. In an interview, Genworth Lady says that they've found Jen very frustrating to work with, as she doesn't seem to do anything on her own initiative (sound familiar?), and just wants to wait for them to tell her what to do. Poor Genworth Lady feels inadequately sucked up to. That's not good news, Jen. Sucking up is yooge!

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